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Once There Was A King Wednesday 1st June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Wednesday 1st June 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Wednesday 1 June 2022 Zee World updates, Thakur questions his ladies who posted this name plate. Rani announces she did, to introduce him as Female Thakur. Shabnam was with Rani, and accuses Thakur of ruining Nusrat’s name and funeral. She spits over Thakur. Rani says Thakur’s wife and daughter should also realize who exactly he is. She apologizes his ladies that Thakur can’t respect any woman. Thakur warns Rani to pay huge cost for playing with his name.
In the palace, Raja was worried for Rani and goes to check for her. Rani returns and cries hugging Raja. He was worried. Rani says it’s not about humans but about God; why is two people’s fate so different. Raja calls Rani really courageous, Rani holds Raja as her back through all this. Raja assures his side throughout their life.
The next morning, governor scolds Rani for her tussle with Thakur. Now two people from one party are against each other. He warns Rani that her seat has a respect, and it can be difficult to retain. Rani says she remembers the responsibilities, she was appointed to serve public and not powerful people. She won’t bend in front of Thakur Baldev. Thakur comes to taunt governor for not being able to bend Rani, Raja comes to warn Thakur about Rani’s powerful back. If she gets a single scratch, Thakur will lose his hands. He comes to Rani’s office who thanks him.
In the palace, Rani sits on the couch. She was worried and was of no mood to work. Raja suggests to go out somewhere, in a circus or a movie. Rani asks to stay alone, with him. Raja cheers. Meenu comes to inform Nawab Iqbal is here, he took an appointment for land inspection. Rani denies meeting him. Raja tells Meenu that Rani would come, he says Rani should go. Rani was angry at Iqbal, but Raja reminds its her work. She took an oath to serve the people here. Rani leaves. Raja instructs the guard to be with Rani Gayatri all the time, no matter where she is.

In the way, Rani sat silently. Iqbal shows her the map of the place, and instructs her about the land. A car stops by where a man had gun in his hands. Rani signs the papers, Iqbal’s guard requests to go to his home which is nearby. Iqbal takes the keys. Rani says if Iqbal could see himself from her view, he must have hated himself as much as Rani does. Iqbal opens the door to Rani and drives for her. The guards stood alert. Thakur holds the gun saying Rani and Nawab have mocked him well already, now he would see how they are saved from this poisonous snake.
It was late at night, and raining. The guards finds a refuge for themselves and were on their way when hit by Thakur’s car where he sat masked. Rani asks Iqbal if he knows about Amirkot’s way. Iqbal says the car behind is also going to Amirkot. Rani was worried for her guards, Iqbal says it’s raining heavily, and they must be coming soon. Thakur loads the gun, thinking he has a single chance to take away MLA’s life.

Raja was trying to listen to radio. Ambika comes to him, worried for Rani. The radio announcer requests anyone to leave Amirkot, as the weather may be dangerous. Rani tells Iqbal to drive a bit fast, but Iqbal says it’s raining heavily. Thakur shots a bullet, Iqbal drifts the car turning it on another way. Thakur warns his man to follow Rani. Rani questions Iqbal why she brought the car on the wrong path. Their car was suddenly stuck at a closed end. Thakur looks around for Rani’s car.
Iqbal tries to start the car. Rani was worried and accuses Nawab. Iqbal replies he didn’t do this deliberately. He was leaving the car, but Rani wasn’t fond of going out in such bad weather. Iqbal says they must go by themselves to find help.
Raja heads to find Rani, but the radio news say the route between Amirkot and the adjoining city is broken.
Iqbal leaves Rani alone. A man comes to knock at Rani’s car door.

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