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Once There Was A King Monday 16th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 16th July 2022: Once There Was A King 16 July 2022, Vikrant tells Laila to leave as he needs to eat. Raja takes Laila away. Naina offers Raja a bite, but he turns to leave. Naina ask Vikrant about his name, he pleasantly replies Vikrant. Rekha laughs over his speaking, Naina scolds her to stop it. Vikrant also mocks Rekha, calling her face as strange. Naina asks Vikrant a kiss over check in return of the halwa. Raja watches this.
Laila was crying in the room, Raja says children are like books and needs time to read. Laila must try and understand Vikrant, and must give him time to understand her as well. Laila was upset that her brother runs away from her and hates her. Raja says this isn’t like this, Vikrant doesn’t know what hatred is.

Vikrant brings Naina downstairs.
Raja says Laila is also a child. Laila says she isn’t a child, she wonders when would Raja love her.
Naina tries to get away, while Vikrant drags her towards the hall.
Laila was ready to wait for Raja. Raja tells her to stop crying, she hugs him. Naina and Vikrant watch them hug, Naina leaves Vikrant’s hands. Vikrant asks if he must tell her about a secret, Raja and Laila are like his parents; he daily prays for their wedding so that they never leave him.

He asks Naina if his prayers would be answered, Naina says God listens to good boys and Vikrant is a very good boy. God will get him the best parents in the world. Vikrant hugs Naina. Raja pulls Laila away from him and leaves the room. Laila watches Naina and Vikrant’s hug and goes outside curtly parting them away. She questions Naina what she wants, and forbids her get Raja at all. Raja, this house and everything belongs to her, not Naina. Naina agrees to her, she is only a guest. She will not steal or ask for anything; she tells Laila Raja hates watching her face. Naina asks to leave, Laila curtly asks if she came upon her opinion. Vikrant stops Naina saying if Naina can’t stay here, he would come to her house. Laila forbids Vikrant, but Vikrant runs inside angrily.

Laila gets a call from an unknown man who reads a poetry. It was Vijay who urges Laila to join hands with him, and come to meet her as a place.
Naina was cheerfully leaving the palace when she hits Raja; and hides her face with the bag. Raja says she would only leave this house with his will. Naina asks how would she work if she doesn’t go out, and if she doesn’t earn how would she eat. She replies she can’t eat from him, as people would then consider her as a burden.
There, Vijay tells Laila he truly loves Naina and is jealous of watching her with Raja. She is really cunning, and knows well about taking men into control. She acts to be a nice girl. Laila asks what he wants.

Raja says Naina is his responsibility, what she would do if Vijay comes to her at once. Naina says she is fully armed and brings a wooden ruler from the bag. Raja tells her to accept she won’t be able to do anything if Vijay comes to her. Naina says she would punch him, she learnt from Dharam’s film. Raja asks her to hit him. Naina backs up, Raja curtly calls her a coward girl only, and he screams if she is again sweating. She only knows filmy talks. Naina punches Raja’s face, then jumps screaming and crying herself.
Nani comes to Naina’s room and was shocked looking around as their mummy spread clothes over wires. She feels disgusted over the condition of the room. Mummy offers her a seat, Nani requests to speak to her.

Rekha leaves the room, Nani says they have already made their place here. Mummy assures they would leave here soon, as soon as the situations are favorable. Nani asks what if situations worsen.
Raja says Naina can’t leave the palace until she learns to protect herself. Naina says she is middle class girl and has a respect of her own, she needs to save it at any cost. Raja calls the gardener and says this girl would work with him from today on thousand per month. Naina says she doesn’t know gardening, Raja tells her to learn and says this is neither begging, nor alms; its work. Naina was upset that she was demoted from a heroine to gardener.

Vijay says they must part Raja and Naina to get their love. He forwards his hand for Laila’s favor. Laila asks what she needs to do.
Rekha comes to Naina and wonders what Nani must be speaking to their mummy. Naina gets pricked by a thorn.
Mummy says if there is no man at a house, there should be no doors. They considered Vijay as their guard, but his intentions weren’t good ones. Nani says it’s her mistake, girls have to be hidden. She displayed her daughter in front of everyone, she wonders how a mother…can Mummy qualifies they are artist and have a respect.

Nani says she only came to ask if she wants her daughter’s safety. Mummy replies positively. Nani says she must leave this city, and allows her to go to her house near Indore. She can even help her find work for herself, if she wish to begin a new life. Mummy apologizes for saying something wrong. Nani says she is doing this all for her granddaughter, and will inform her as soon as the arrangements are made. Vijay tells Laila to send Naina alone. Laila was sure Raja would not let Naina leave alone. Vijay taunts Naina crossed the path really soon, which Laila could never cross. Vijay hands his number to Laila and tells her to call him as soon as Naina leaves.

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