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Once There Was A King Monday 14th February 2022

The man fleeing the palace was Rani, Jeewan and she get hold of the culprit, he tells Jeewan its Bindu. The goons flee fighting against Rani. Jeewan tells Rani that Bindu and Raja aren’t worth her trust, it must be Bindu as the man took the name of a girl in palace. Rani says her husband is hurt right now, she can’t share with her about anything but now Bindu would herself confess her mistake.
In the room, Bindu was sitting with Raja when Rani comes in. Raja asks where she had left, Rani replies she went to take this herbal ointment from Dadu. She complains Bindu about not feeding anything to Raja, but only a wife understands the needs of a husband. Rani deliberately spill the medicine over her, then hurries her to go and wash her dress. She then sits beside Raja, kiss his forehead. Raja holds his hand saying if she takes care of him, he never wants to get well. Raja hands her a box, saying this is the gift he promised her. She opens it to be a half frock, Rani rejects it as its really short. Raja demands it’s for him. Rani was offensive, if she must become a joker on his call as well? He was annoyed, Rani calls him stubborn. He says he is hers. Rani agrees, then goes to wear the dress.
Bindu was bathing.

Rani comes out dressed in the frock, uncomfortable with the length. Raja stands up to her and forwards his hand that she holds. He holds her closely, he whispers thankyou to her. She hugs him even tight.
Bindu takes the towel and screams of a fake snake behind it. She notices a note underneath it and screams again.
Raja kneels in front of Rani, and ties an anklet around her leg then kiss over it. Bindu enters the room in towel, screaming. Raja scolds her to be shameless for wandering in such an attire, she didn’t even knock at the door. Rani says she must have something important to say, then goes to Bindu’s room. Bindu opens the door, Rani asks Bindu if she saw a snake in the bathroom. Bindu asks if she doesn’t feel ashamed of what Raja did to her. What she would get doing this all in life? Rani tells Bindu that Raja won’t be moved with anything Bindu does. She warns Bindu to confess her secrets else… Bindu asks what then? Rani counts back till five, the chandelier fell off over Bindu but Rani holds its rope. She then warns Bindu that next time she won’t hold this rope.

The next morning, Raja screams of hurting his hand, then looks in the mirror. Rani was praying around the basil tree. A servant brings her keys. She comes to a room saying he would repent, she heard husbands does all this in beginning of wedding; if he forgets this later she would taunt him. He assures he wouldn’t regret, after a few years she would win the elections and wouldn’t have time for him, but this cup of tea would be a blessing. He was sure she would win the elections. Rani hugs him.
Bari Rani Maa and Bindu were spying through telescope. Bindu shares her fear that Rani might know everything about her. Bari Rani Maa says she needs to break one from Rani and Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata instructs the servants about pots, and turns to slip and hit her head with the couch. Rani and Amrita hurries, Raaj Mata watches Bari Rani Maa’s shadow in the oil on floor. Bari Rani Maa backs up, Rani wonders where this oil came from.

Raja was about to fell off from stool when someone holds him. He wonders how she always come to know whenever he is about to fell off. It was Bindu. Rani says she always share her problems with him, last night there was a snake and she didn’t remember she has no right over him anymore. Raja says its alright. Bindu holds his face and promises to forget what happened between them. She hugs him. Rani enters the room then and was shocked to see them.

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