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Once There Was A King Monday 13th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King 13th June 2022: Once There Was A King Monday 13 June 2022, Rani wakes up screaming Raja’s name, Raja sat beside her on the bed. Rani cries that he even makes her fearful in nightmares. Raja touches her face, while she smiles. He hands her a glass of water. Rani wipes her tears, then asks him to go on a vacation over the mountains. She suggests places, like Kashmir; he didn’t speak. She tries to hug him but he vanishes. Rani goes hysterically for him. He comes to her again with red bangles, she tries to wear them but he again vanishes. Rani screams again. He again comes to throw petals over her. Raaj Mata forcefully brings Rani downstairs near Raja’s photo. Rani was in shock, Raaj Mata says police found Raja’s blood stained shirt in the forest and believe some wild animal… Rani cries near his photo.

Iqbal burns Raja’s photo, he laughs hysterically blackening Raja’s face and shouts Zaira. He speaks to Zaira’s photo that he has revenged her death. Rani stood on the door, wondering if Nawab Iqbal Khan ever cries. Rani tells Iqbal she came to learn from him how to live when she has lost her love. They are alike today, he snatched her Raja and she came to punish him for this. She points a gun at his forehead, he must pay for what he did. Iqbal shouts at her to fire. Rani insists her Raja was innocent just like Zaira. Iqbal pushes the gun at his forehead, forcing Rani to fire the bullet; then grabs Rani’s neck and pointing the gun at her. He warns her to shout, else people would say her husband just died and she ran into his arms. He tells her to go to palace and mourn Raja’s death. Rani leaves.
In the palace, Meenu comes to Raaj Mata worried that Rani is nowhere in the palace. Raaj Mata leaves her near Ambika and goes to look for Rani. Rani walked towards the palace, crying as she miss Raja. She walks towards a water body where Raja was calling her for a hug and she runs towards him.
There, Raja lay unconscious in the forest. He wakes up, murmuring Rani’s name while a few villagers were standing beside him and call it a miracle.

Raja wakes up in the bed and was shocked to see Bindu. He tries to get up, Bindu insists on him to lay down as he doesn’t even realize how she found him. She tells Raja about the condition he was in when they found him four months ago. There was no chance of his survival. Bindu came there and asked the villagers to help her. Bindu brought him to their summer palace, doctors have been struggling since then and now he is fine. Raja thanks her for whatever she did for him. But he know well, Rani’s love brought him out of mouth of death. He wonders what Rani must be going through in all these months, he asks Bindu about Rani. Bindu was speechless and tries to convince him to discuss about it later. Raja was thankful to Bindu, but warns if she is trying to part him from Rani she won’t be successful; he again asks her about Rani. He says her silence indicates she didn’t change at all.

There, Iqbal was mixing some scents. The inspector brings Raja’s file, saying there is no chance Raja is alive. Iqbal insists that a killer of 40 people should have bear this. The inspector tells Iqbal that Raja’s murder’s case won’t be closed for next five years. Iqbal says it was nature’s punishment for him.
Raja goes out of the bed, while Bindu tries to calm him. The doctor comes in to give Raja sedative. Bindu thinks she is sorry but she can’t let him go to Amirkot, his life is endangered there and if he gets to know what happened there…
Molana brings a cloth piece carved with gold and silver to congratulate Iqbal for the day. Iqbal kisses over his hands. Molana greets him for beginning a new life.

Bindu comes to the room and asks Raja where he is going. A servant brings the gifts he asked for. Raja watches the rose bouquet, wishing Rani would be happy watching these. Bindu insists on him to take rest. Raja says after opening the calender, he realized its Rani’s birthday today; that’s why be brought flowers for her. He is fine and ready to leave now. Bindu shouts at Raja this time, saying no one is waiting for him. Rani has died already. Raja says he hoped her hatred for Rani has lessed over time. Bindu insists that Rani is no more, nothing is left in Amirkot. Raja was in disbelief, and says if he is breathing so must Rani be. Bindu requests Raja not to leave to Amirkot, as she already took a huge danger over herself by keeping him here.

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