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Once There Was A King Monday 10th January 2022

On Once There Was A King Monday 10th January 2022: Once There Was A King Monday 10 January 2022, Rana ji holds Gayatri up , both fell on the ground. Gayatri questions with what right he has saved her, he had lost that right. She heads on. Rana ji still opens her wound and is shocked to see that this is a snake bite. He sucks the poison from her foot and throws it out. Gayatri looks at him, he stares back for a while. Gayatri removes his hand again angrily. Rana ji ties her foot again. He asks her to go. Both wait for a while, Rana ji asks her to go to palace. Gayatri asks if she is a toy, when he thinks right he uses her and when he doesn’t like it he throws it. The Raja’s of Amirkot must change their decisions, but Raani doesn’t. she won’t come to palace now. Rana ji holds her hand and says he knows the truth. Gayatri says if people throw mud by mistake they apologize, but he deliberately did this, still he wont apologize because he has a crown on her head.

He asks sorry, please forgive me Rani Gayatri Devi. Gayatri asks if this is Raja of Amikot or her husband, because her husband had blamed her. Rana ji says he has already apologized, lets go to palace. Gayatri couldn’t walk, Rana ji comes to her and holds her hand. Gayatri says had he heard her before, he wouldn’t have to face this much problem. Rana ji says had she not gone to Wilkinsons she wouldn’t have got into this all, she doesn’t understand the British and is an idiot. Gayatri wonders if he is really an intelligent person.
A man aims at the couple, Raaj Mata comes from behind and asks how his aim is. He says perfect, never missed one. She tells him to take the aim, he takes aim and shoots Gayatri’s arm.

Yashoda is shocked to hear Raaj Mata got Gayatri bullet. Raaj Mata says her bullet on the hand never misses. Swarna comes there, Raaj Mata says that she hasn’t gone to her parents for a long time, she must get ready as Raaj Mata will also go there with her. She asks Yashoda to get her luggage ready, they have to leave before they reach here.
Rana ji calls the servants to bring doctor, as he lays Gayatri on the bed. Yashoda gets the doctor, the doctor observes Gayatri. He then says to Rana ji that there is a bullet injury on arm and on the foot? Rana ji says on the foot a snake bit, he removed the poison. The doctor says her foot is much injured what had happened.

Rana ji says he couldn’t tell him but they must treat her at any cost. The doctor tells Rana ji that Gayatri isn’t well because the poison spread in the whole body, so she is really weak. Rana ji calls Raaj mata, Yashoda says she had to go to Swarna’s parents house. Rana ji asks Yashoda to tell servants that they must stay with Gayatri. Yashoda says that in absence of Raaj Mata she wouldn’t let him trust a servant, he must take care of Gayatri by herself. Rana ji takes the responsibility. He asks Yashoda how the doctor was already present in the palace when he hadn’t told anyone about it. Yashoda says that Rajpoots often return injured from forests and Gayatri isn’t used to it, when Raaj Mata told her that Gayatri is coming back after having spent the whole night in forest she called the doctor as well. Rana ji drapes a cloth over Gayatri. He thinks he will find out who did this attack.

Kokilla still asked Kunwar ji who was drunk that who is the worst looking in this palace. Kunwar ji said it is she. Kokilla throws things on him. Kunwar ji asks what he did. Kokilla says she did this all in front of Raaj Mata. Kunwar ji says that she is his queen, he will get anything for her today. Kokilla is elated, she asks Kunwar ji to get her a necklace that is five times expensive than Raaj Mata’s necklace. Kunwar ji asks what a necklace will do if she gets the keys of palace. Kokilla rests and says she has succeeded. Kunwar ji asks if she shot Gayatri. She asks Kunwar ji if he did. He says how he could have got there.

The veiled lady comes to Gayatri’s room. Gayatri was asleep. She takes a cushion to suffocate Gayatri. Rana ji was coming from the corridor. He rushes towards the room, Gayatri just coughs and the veiled lady gets to dressing room. Rana ji comes to the room and helps Gayatri sit on the bed. He asks Gayatri if she is alright. She jerks him away and tells him not to touch her. He says he is just taking care of her, it was his mistake in English. Gayatri says she had told him she doesn’t know English, he must speak hindi. Gayatri asks will he take care of her the way he did last night. He tells her to be quiet and listen to him. She still murmurs that he is cursing her in English again. Gayatri asks why he wants to take care of her. He says because this is royal palace, he is Rana and she is his… he tells her to lay down and goes to get soup for her.

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