Once There Was A King Friday 6th July 2022 Zee World updates

On Once There Was A King 6th July 2022: Once There Was A King 6 July 2022, A fellow comes to insist on Raja to meet someone. The MLA requests Raja to stop as the party has just begun, he calls the police inspector Vijay and asks about the dancer’s performance. Vijay also requests Raja to stay for their celebration. Laila and Vikrant come from behind and agrees to stay. Raja nods. Vijay calls for drinks, MLA takes Raja and Laila aside.
Vijay calls the ladies to come out soon, one of them complains only Naina was late. Vijay calls on Naina to get ready soon, he is restlessly waiting for her. Raja was uninterested during the performance. It was Rani, as Naina; performing on stage cheerfully. He recalls Rani’s previous dance performances; her bullet shot towards him as well. He heads towards the stage, and holds Naina’s hand during the performance.

She was widely smiling, and begins swirling arm in arm with Raja. Raja withdraws his hand with a jerk and holds her arm tightly. Everyone from the crowd get up. Naina cries as her arm hurts. Raja questions why she came here? She replies for dancing. Raja had clutched her bangles so tight that her hand bled.

She gets away from him, and warns him to speak to her from a distance. Her mother taught her that white clothed people have dark hearts. Raja clutches on her again to speak the truth. Laila comes to save Laila, she questions Raja about his interest in this dancer. Raja qualifies she isn’t only a dancer, Naina says she is a singer as well. Vijay stops her, and explains to Raja she takes auditions with directors.

He scolds Naina for not having practiced the dance well, calling her Naina. Raja asks Vijay since when he knows her, Vijay says he know her since childhood, she lives in their neighborhood but what’s the matter. Raja leaves thinking this is what he must find out.
At night, Raja stood in the balcony as Rani’s dance flashed in front of her eye. Laila comes to her wondering why a dancer disturbed him so much. Raja calls it personal. Laila says during all those years he never shared anything about himself, but today she wants to know about his past memories. She keeps a hand over his heart, assuring he lives in her heart and can share anything from her.

Raja says he once told her he would stay out of her door, today he is again telling her to stay out of this heart. The reality is, she is the Begum while he is the minister. A minister must know about the mistress, but a mistress doesn’t need to. He comes inside and wonders why she betrayed him so badly, now he must do what he never did in years. to call the palace, the man on call informs Rani Gayatri Singh doesn’t live here anymore and Raaj Mata has shifted to Mumbai already. Raja was broken.

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