Once There Was A King Saturday 4th June 2022 Zee World updates

On Once There Was A King Saturday 4th June 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Saturday 4 June 2022 Zee World updates, In the party, the guests ask Thakur if film stars were to come to party. Rani, Raja and Iqbal arrive. Thakur welcomes them as film stars, then nods towards Thakur and tells Rano not to concentrate on such people. A reporter comes to ask Rani about a few questions. He confirms if she was stuck in a forest last night and saved by Iqbal. He then thanks Nawab Iqbal, and asks Raja where he had been for protection of his wife. Rani clutches Raja’s hand tightly. Everyone mocks Raja that he kept finding Rani. The reporter asks Nawab Iqbal to come closer to Rani for a photo. Raja leaves aside, curtly denying to get a photographed. Iqbal goes behind him, and watches Raja drink. Thakur and his man come from behind, commenting there are Rani’s photos all around.

He asks Raja what he does, it seems he does huge jobs. Thakur laughs that he is MLA’s husband, what else they should do. Rani comes looking for Iqbal, and asks about Raja. Iqbal asks her to leave Raja for a while, as he is upset. Thakur and men discuss why Rani is standing with Iqbal. Rani goes towards Raja and slips on the way, Iqbal holds her in his arms. A reporters take their photos and run away. Raja was upset saying he thought about singing for Rani, but right now he can think about another song only. He goes to sing with the wine bottle, all drunken up. Rani tries to help him, but continues dancing with her roughly. He announces that it’s his fate and luck to be ‘Joru ka Ghulam’. The participants laugh at them, while Rani cries only. Iqbal scolds everyone for laughing, Raja only drank a bit more which is normal in parties. Rani and Iqbal hold Raja towards home. Outside, Raja asks Rani why is she in a hurry to go home. Right now, he is still left with a bit of respect, she may let it get ruined as well. Iqbal tells Raja to accept his love’s consent.

Iqbal goes to get the car, but Raja holds the keys insisting to drive. Iqbal strongly holds Raja’s arm, while Raja boasts that two years ago he won a bet of driving after drinking two bottles. Iqbal remembers the event, his shouting and the accident. He asks Rani what had happened two years ago. Rani replies nothing important. Iqbal thinks this means Rani also knows what happened then. In the room, Raja continuously discussed about driving that night. He was enraged, and about to stuff Raja’s face with a pillow but Rani arrived with lemonade for him. Iqbal thinks about controlling his anger, else his game would be ruined. He holds Raja up to sit, as Rani makes him drink lemonade. She apologizes Iqbal for anything Raja did, Iqbal calls it a minor issue. He was only driving in air, someone didn’t leave a life under his car. Rani was moved by his words.
At home, Iqbal burns Raja and Rani’s photo saying she considered it wasn’t important. For him, a common man left his life was an important matter. He will punish them both well for what they did. Nusrat comes to stop Iqbal burn himself. Iqbal says his heart is burning in fire of revenge, they would surely get their punishments. Iqbal calls Garewal for getting his work done till tomorrow morning.

The next morning, in palace Rani was praying alone. Ambika comes to her and asks if it’s because of Raja. Rani makes up that she is crying. Ambika says when fighting remain at home they remain fights, but when they come out they become drama. She got to know what Raja did last night. Rani cries with her head in Ambika’s lap, wondering why Raja hurt her so much. She failed to know what was going on in Raja’s mind and heart. Ambika says a wife takes husband’s mistake over her head as well, she can’t see any of Raja’s mistakes. Rani says she only wants Raja’s love that she has. Ambika tells her to wipe her tears and smile now; doesn’t she has to go to work. She asks her to get ready and go to office, she would send Raja to office.
Raja wakes up saying Ambika woke him up as he has to go to school. Ambika was angry about what he did in the party last night. She questions if he realize how hurt Rani is. Raja was angry that MLA can’t even fight with him now. Ambika scolds him for being wrong, and tells him to go to her office to apologize her.
At home, Iqbal says Raja’s destruction has to go along way ahead. This file would move the foundations of palace, and sends Garewal to go to Raja and do what he has been instructed to.

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