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Once There Was A King Friday 29th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Friday 29th April 2022: Once There Was A King Friday 29 April 2022, Bindu comes to taunt Rani, Meenu counters that Rani is lucky to get her love. A few girls have nothing else to do but to taunt the bride in their lover’s wedding. Bindu leaves. Rani asks Meenu why she did this to Bindu, then looks around for Raaj Mata.
Raaj Mata sat with Bari Rani Maa, and inquires about her hand. Bari Rani Maa remember it being cut in her fight with Gayatri. Raaj Mata feels pity as she must really feel trouble while working with a single hand, then says she is old now and must go to some seclusion, she suggests her to go to mountains of Kasoli. Bari Rani Maa takes a leave.
Raja makes his way through the corridor to reach Rani. There, Raaj Mata calls Bari Rani Maa in the dance stage where they dance together. A lady comes in red cover, Rani was shocked to see Raja there. He kiss her check, and asks where she got his name written. Meenu then comes to take Rani to the stage. Rani dances, while Raja watches her in the female attire. He leaves winking at Rani. She looks around to find Raja, who was smiling towards her from behind a wall. She goes looking for him in the corridor, he comes to hold her hand from behind and kiss it. He pins her over the wall and comes closer to her, when he finds a lash hair over her hand. He shuts his eye to make a wish, Rani gets a chance to flee.

Rani and Bindu both dance on the dance stage. Bindu dislikes her swirls and mingles with her foot. Raja comes to save Rani in his arms. Everyone in the hall was shocked to see him, while Bindu gets even curter. Jeewan comes to Bindu in the corridor, and asks if she is jealous. Bindu says someone else would now be burnt. Rani begins crying that her hands are burning at once, Raja calls for water and tells her to wet her hands. Amrita was worried. Rani says after putting the henna on, her hands began to burn. Bindu wipes her tears remember how she bribed a maid to change Rani’s mehndi. There, Amrita brings the henna bowl and says this henna is fine. Bindu recalls getting the henna bowl changed later. Kokilla taunts that this bride is really delicate, she washed her henna hands after a little burning. She says right now Rani is a princess by name, how will she become a real one after marriage. In royal houses, problems are as huge as their palaces, washing henna before drying is a bad omen. Raja insists Rani might have an allergy with henna, and these royal family taunts should now be stopped. Bari Rani Maa asks raja not to be angry today. Rani watches Bindu smirking. Raaj Mata stops Kokilla for replying her, Kokilla asks for whom? Raja Mata says for Gayatri, why she did this to Gayatri? Kokilla stammers she didn’t do anything. Raaj Mata insists it’s a lie, the girl was trembling in pain, and then why she didn’t help her. Kokilla could only think about Gayatri Singh Dev being beaten badly by Kaal and turns to leave after apologizing Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata notices the necklace, and knows this is hers. Kokilla leaves the hall.

In the room, Rani apologizes Raja while he was caressing her hands. She was worried about Amrita who must be hurt because of Kokilla words. Raja tells her that Amrita is mother, and when a child is in pain she can’t see anything else. There, Jeewan and Bindu watched them. Jeewan says he is at peace watching Rani in pain, but Bindu’s plan got ruined. Rani watches Bindu from the window. Rani got lost in thoughts, then says that people consider a girls’s husband love her as much as her henna is darker. She insists that its important for a girl to get joint to her in laws as well, she wanted his name over her palm so that he could search for it. Raja watches the mark engraved over her arm, and kisses over it saying his name has already been written. Any ritual doesn’t make a relation incomplete, their love is bigger than any ritual. They join their foreheads.

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