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Once There Was A King Friday 28th June 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 28th June 2022: Once There Was A King 28 June 2022, Raja recollects about Rani’s cries and tears, as his head bangs in pain. He throws his turban and fake moustache away.
There, Rani was going upstairs when he comes out to her. He asks her to accept she only belongs to her Raja. He moves towards her while she backs up, stuck with the staircase. He touches her arms and face. She hugs him, then turns away from him crying. She says he shouldn’t have come here, he is a criminal and she should have informed police about his return. It’s because of her love for him once, she is giving him a chance to leave Amirkot to never return. He should never tell anyone about his identity, she would also not share this with anyone. Raja confronts her saying he won’t leave without taking her.

He questions if she still loves him. Rani recalls her confessions of love for him, she accepts she doesn’t love him. Raja tells her to look into his eyes, then speak either Yes, I love you! Or No, I don’t love You!. Raja demands for truth. Rani says she loves Iqbal only, he is her past but Iqbal is her present and her future both. Raja was broken, and turns Rani towards him saying she and her Iqbal snatched his happiness from him, but couldn’t snatch his fate from them. Since his fate brought him here, he won’t leave and will show Iqbal whom he loves. Rani says a run out criminal should not boasts about his fate so much.

Raja clutches the back of Rani’s head saying since his heart has got stoned, he would reveal her true face to Iqbal. He will now see till when she doesn’t betray Iqbal, they will both witness this drama together. He can’t let her love flourish. His hatred will now revenge her. He pushes her down on floor, and leaves crying badly. Rani was left crying, and while running upstairs she turns towards Raja. Their eyes meet, both run towards each other and hug each other. Rani holds his face crying she can’t stay without him. Both hug each other on their places, and realizes they hadn’t run towards each other in reality. Both left crying separately.
In the evening, Angat Singh comes to Rani’s room. He asks Rani if she didn’t tell anyone about him, if she again fall in love.

Rani says she know Raja understands a little late. Raja says if people come to know he is alive, what about her and Iqbal’s love story; because then she would be his wife and their love story will never flourish. He suggests to announce in front of the whole world of being alive, as he can’t let her and Iqbal’s love flourish. He removes his turban, and fake moustache and shouts around about his name and identity.
Iqbal was in a hurry to marry Rani. The lawyer says court procedures would take some time. Firstly, they would file an application in the court and if someone doesn’t object to their marriage; they can marry each other. Iqbal says no one will have an objection, it was only Raja who could object but he is no more. Raja locks the door from inside, she was fearful of being caught. Raja mocks her fear, and shows a letter to her as a last gift. She reads the divorce deed.

Rani asks why? He says the right question would be, what he wants in return? Raja says in return to this, he wants a night will her. Rani was taken aback. Raja was ready to leave Amirkot, only if she gifts him with a wedding night.
The lawyer agrees to put the application. Iqbal was shocked to see Bindu there. Bindu came to invite him for dinner, as they are leaving last night. Iqbal wonders why are they leaving. Bindu was confused, she mutters it’s their problem, no, it’s Raja’s… then turns to leave. Iqbal catches her words.
Raja clutches Rani close to himself.

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