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Once There Was A King Friday 27th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 27th July 2022: Once There Was A King 27 July 2022, Raja tells Naina to forget him, she can stay happy only this way. Naina runs across the corridor, throwing each vase and cries in her room. Mummy hugs her and asks her to cry as much as she wants to; she says Naina must look at her broken dream daily until they leave here.
At night, Raja sat inside Mandap. Naina brings Laila outside, Raja turns to look at them. Rani was upset watching them complete the wedding rituals, after gadh bandhan she straightens. Laila unties the cloth pieces.

Naina was hurt thinking about herself and Raja. She walks into the room, writing a letter. She apologizes her mummy as she doesn’t want to put her and Rekha in danger but is taking this step, but she would never be able to move on in life if she stays today. Raja was worried about Naina and asks about her. Everyone was confused, mummy, Rekha and Vikrant go to look for her. Raja instructs the waiters to look for Naina. Nani scolds Raja as nothing is important than wedding rituals right now. The Pandit asks the bride and groom to stand for wedding vows. Mummy and Rekha come inside the room, and finds a letter there.
Raja thinks about Naina’s words that he was hiding his love story. Mummy and Rekha were reading the letter upstairs when suddenly heavy wind blows and letter fell over Raja. He was shocked to read it and jumps out of stage to look for Naina. He finds Naina standing on a road side but as he comes out of the car Naina had vanished. He looks around for her.
At home, Mummy cries for Naina’s whereabouts. Vikrant assures nothing would happen to Naina. Pandit informs Nani that the right time has ended. Laila sat on the stage, doomed. Raja spots Naina on a bench and holds her hand tightly. Naina questions why he left Laila during his wedding. Raja asks if Naina didn’t care for her mother and Rekha once, its already very complicated. Naina insists to leave, they can’t stay together and she assures not to bring her love between their love and his life. He needs not hide the truth anymore, she has seen her paintings and is aware he loves her. Raja was taken aback. Naina says they cannot betray Laila at all. Raja says those paintings are not of Naina, but his wife Rani who is dead.

Naina was not ready to believe, as this only happens in films. Raja holds her hand and tells her to come home as its really late. Naina demands Raja to look into her eyes and say if he doesn’t feel anything whenever she looks into his eyes. If he never turns to look at her whenever she is walking away? Whenever he closes his eyes, he doesn’t see her face? Raja replies with a no. Naina tells him to look into her eyes, Raja interrupts shouting he has no time for her childish romance. He clutches her arm and takes her to palace. Rani watches them from the road side.
Raja brings Naina back to palace. Laila comes forwards to slap Naina but Raja holds her hand in mid air.

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