Once There Was A King Friday 22nd April 2022

On Once There Was A King Friday 22nd April 2022: Once There Was A King Friday 22 April 2022, Raja comes to put the turmeric over Rani’s face, weeping. Rani says her tears fell off his eyes, this color of turmeric would go really soon but her soul has been colored in his color; how he will remove that. They walk opposite ways. Jeewan comes to confront Rani, and wipes the turmeric off her face, roughly. Rani inquires what he has been doing, Jeewan wants to color her in his own color, to remove any other color. Rani warns him that there is still time. Jeewan says Raja is just mocking his cheap friendship to be love, but only he (Jeewan) loves Rani. Rani says she is well aware, Raja is calling his friendship as love, and Jeewan is considering friendship as love.
There, Jeewan tells Bindu that they can’t get their loves till Raja and Rani continue loving each other.
Rani wash her face, thinking his color of love doesn’t go away no matter what.

There, Raja walks towards the forest and cries in rage. Rani stood in the balcony when she steps up a stone to hurt her foot. Raja comes with the turmeric in the bowl and puts it over her face, arms and feet. She opens her eyes to find herself daydreaming. She stands to look around, there was turmeric over her body but can see Raja walking away towards the forest. She calls his name at which he stop stepping ahead. Rani runs downstairs, in the way her stroller get fire but she leaves it there to follow Raja. She cries as Raja had walked ahead. He was crying badly. Jeewan and Bindu watch this from some distance, a car comes to hit Raja.
The next morning, Raja was doing push-ups, his head had been bandaged. Bindu sits beside him, saying he was hurt deeply. The path he is walking has a single house and that is of Jeewan and Rani. Raja walks away to hold another tool, Bindu tells him that she realize how difficult this wedding is for him, it’s a heavy burden that he won’t be able to carry. She recalls Jeewan telling her to be Raja’s support, the next time he fell down. She pours him juice and holds his arm, offering him to share his pain with her. She is his friend, he must let her be one. He must let her help him, and even if he wants to marry Rani she is with him. She recalls, she asked Jeewan why she would say so; Jeewan told her that Raja won’t trust her the other way and they need to win his trust first. Only that is the way, they can find out his next planning. Raja hugs Bindu and cries that he loves her very much. Bindu thinks to herself that she loves Raja, and will make him realize this. Jeewan watched this curtly.

Raja was dancing with his friends in the wedding. Amrita was upset and thinks that her son is in trouble, and she is really helpless. Raja comes to her and tell her to prepare for the mehndi ritual, he will get Rani.
Raaj Mata tells Rani her parents were married in the same time she is going to be. She gifts her a necklace that her father had gifted her mother and was an only jewel left. Raja comes to Rani questioning if she isn’t ready, Jeewan must be arriving soon. There, Bindu tries to convince Jeewan to understand, Raja isn’t ready to stay away from Rani and may change his intentions anytime. Rani asks Raja to make her up into a bride of someone else, and hands the jewelry in his hands. He heads to put on jewelry over her. Rani says there are some relations other than friendship as well, they have to be understood too. Raja says its better to let go of a few emotions. There, Bindu was worried that Raja won’t leave Rani alone, even on the stage. Jeewan is mistaken, and they both will have to bear the punishment. He put on her mother’s necklace around her neck, Rani recalls Raaj Mata’s words that if at such a time, a man puts on necklace around a girl’s neck they get completely married as no other ritual is required. Bindu and Jeewan come to see in the mirror how Rani bends to touch Raja’s feet, he holds her up to kiss her forehead.

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