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Once There Was A King Friday 21st June 2022 Zee World updates

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On  Once There Was A King 21st June 2022: Once There Was A King Friday 21 June 2022, Iqbal shakes hand with Raja. Raja asks how can someone trust his friendship as he withdraws his hand really soon. He then forwards his hand towards Rani who was only staring at him, then joins her hands in greeting. Raja also joins his hands, complimenting her ways; if hearts don’t meet who should hand then qualifies its joke. Rani asks if he is used to wandering someone else’s house considering it a garden. Raja explains he felt an association with this place, but after meeting her and Iqbal he realized he didn’t belong here. Iqbal goes to make a call, Raaj Mata follows him. Rani takes Raja inside.
In the corridor, Raja inquires Rani about her parent’s photo. Raja says it seems they loved each other. Rani notices his stare and asks about it, Raja says her parents loved dearly, she shouldn’t as well have betrayed in love. They pass by another photo frame that was empty, Raja remembers their photo. Rani replies upon his inquiry that the person has been kicked out of the palace already. Iqbal comes there, Raja asks if she is worried. Rani replies he has come as troublesome guest for her. Raja tells her he came to get Iqbal rid of his worry. Iqbal boasts that two people are worried for him. Raja says he is selfish, but Rani loves him dearly. He turns around weepy and wipes his tear. Iqbal takes them for lunch.

Outside, Raaj Mata comes there. Raja touches her feet intently. Raaj Mata blesses him. Raja asks if she is blessing him after his life had ended. Raaj Mata prays he gets successful for what he intends to. Raja thanks Dadu, then explains he missed his Dadu while meeting her. They sit for lunch. Rani and Raja holds the same spoon all at once. Iqbal asks Raja why he wants to invest with him, Raja explains school business is both beneficial and rewarding. He sips from the milk, Rani watches his moustache get wet with milk and recalls her time with Raja.
Raja hands a ten lac cheque to Nawab, Iqbal was thankful for him. He holds Rani by shoulder and invites him for a party he is throwing for Rani. Raja takes a leave. Iqbal also leaves. Rani cries. In the room, she speaks to the photo saying she hates that Amrit for discussing about her photo. Raaj Mata comes to hug her and advice not to upset because of some outsider. She reminds Rani of all her sacrifices, she has to stay composed now.

Rani comes downstairs ready for the party. Iqbal was mesmerized by her. Rani asks Iqbal if he would be able to love her more than before, he smiles at her asking her to wait. Rani was moving across the hall when her dupatta was stuck with Raja’s watch. They turn to face each other, Rani drags her dupatta off with a jerk. He says fate has brought them together. Raja calls her and Iqbal as interesting couple, and asks who proposed firstly. The lights go off at once, Iqbal comes to announce that Rani came as a spring in his deserted life, she is now his life; before gifting her something special he wants to confess his love for her.

Iqbal and Rani were dancing together. Raja comes to interfere and holds Rani’s hand instead, dancing with her. Rani was disturbed, Iqbal only stares at Raja with dislike. Raja breaks from his day dreaming at the clap of everyone. Rani and Iqbal had finished their dance. Iqbal announces the reason for this party, he goes to Raja and brings him on stage as well. He announces about tying a new relation with Rani, kneels in front of her what a ring. He says this is her surprise. Raaj Mata and Raja were shocked. Iqbal proposes Rani to be his life partner. Rani accepts the proposal. Raja was broken, but begins the clapping. Rani was intrigued by his hurtful clapping.

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