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Once There Was A King Friday 20th July 2022 Zee World updates

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King 20th July 2022: Once There Was A King 20 July 2022, Naina cries in the room, and complains to Laila that Raja is the worst don she ever met. He insulted her in front of everyone, he only has a stone heart. Laila may get anyone better than Raja. Laila defends Raja. Naina wonders why Raja never looked towards her out of love. Rekha and Mummy screams watching a spider, Naina moves towards him with a broom stick. The spider fell off the floor with a stroke. Naina tells Laila to do the same with Raja and find someone sensible.

The next morning, Rekha and Mummy were eating from a special table. Vikrant says Raja sent this all. Naina asks if he is some English cook who sent this for them. She spots Raja, then scolds Rekha to eat a single bite. Naina asks Vikrant to question Raja what this all means, Vikrant says he is silent. Mummy qualifies he might want to apologize. Naina instructs the men to take the table, she is angrier than Raja and points towards dead body of spider. Mummy asks Naina to forgive him, Naina repeats all her insults by Raja. She tells them to remove the table. Raja holds Vikrant’s hand and moves out. She throws all the food over Raja’s men. Outside, the men inform Raja she didn’t take a single bite. Raja says they got rid of half of her anger this way, he would think about the remaining half.

In the garden, Rani planted cactus. Vikrant comes to ask why she is planting thorns. Naina watches Raja sitting on the chairs nearby, then speaks aloud that she has learnt coconut plant never bear shadow for anyone else. Raja calls Vikrant and sends some flowering seeds. Vikrant was excited that Raja allowed Naina to sow them. Naina was shocked if Raja gave them. Raja walks towards them, then throws a cactus away. Vikrant hugs Raja that he threw the thorns out of his life. Nani watches this, and was taken aback. Naina and Vikrant hug as Raja leaves. Nani thinks this is not right, and she is always on the side of right.

Laila was in her room when Naina comes dancing around. She tells Laila she was never so happy in life. Naina says Raja has thrown the thorns out of his life, now they will sow the seeds of flowers and Raja would surely love Laila now. Laila asks what Rani would make her do this time, Naina was sure this time Raja won’t be able to take his eyes off Laila. At night, Laila stood in Zeenat Aman’s attire, and worried what if her idea is again flop. Naina says this time she has realized who Raja is, she is like Feroze Khan for Laila, and wish Laila luck.

Raja was drinking in the hall. All of a sudden the lights go off, Laila plays music and dances across Raja. Naina enjoys the performance, she sits behind the couch. Raja shuts the music off, and tells Laila this isn’t worth her. Laila cries she doesn’t care about her worth, she only loves him. Raja says he can’t forget his past. Naina curses herself for hurting Raja with all her ideas. Raja requests Laila to promise not to do such an act again, their relation already has a name. He respects her, and when she disgraces herself he is really upset about her. Laila leaves crying. Nani watches this from outside. Naina thinks about creeping to Laila but Raja steps right in front of her. Naina stands up and holds her ears before he could say something. They share an eye lock.

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