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Once There Was A King Friday 15th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On Once There Was A King Friday 15th April 2022: Once There Was A King Friday 15 April 2022, Amrita speaks to Raja, she explains Raja that he is doing this all in revenge. No one ever attempts to save the respect of the ones we hate, if he still doesn’t understand she will get clearer. Rani is his pain, and Rani is his medicine. Love sometimes come as loveable, sometime as hatred. The truth is he loves Rani. Raja denies it, calling her crazy. Amrita keeps his hand over head and demand him to swear he doesn’t love Rani. Raja was silent for a while, Amrita urges him to speak. Raja recalls all their moments together, then cries confessing he loves Rani; not from today but since when he was 10 years old. Rani was fixing her torn shirt, Jeewan brings her a shawl. She thanks Jeewan, and calls herself lucky to have found a friend like him. He searched her even in a jungle, and forbids him fight Raja; for her sake. She takes a leave, Jeewan smiles and nods at her. Raja hugs Amrita saying he loves Rani dearly.

Rani comes home and cries hugging Raaj Mata. She says he doesn’t love her, everything has finished. Amrita was worried why he is breaking up, Raja says that Rani knew his injury and his pain, still she left with Jeewan. Amrita explains she wouldn’t have returned if she had to flee, and advices Raja to share his heart with her.
Rani tells Raaj Mata he doesn’t understand whatever she tells him, though she confessed her love for him. Raja accepts he is trying to stay away from her, because she is really innocent and he is an animal, a wild one. He fell on the floor crying, saying there is so much rage and anger inside him that makes him stay away from Rani. He will no longer hurt Rani again.
Raaj Mata advices Rani to face the situations when she loves him, else leave him over his condition. When her parents married, her father didn’t love her mother, but the love of her mother earned his love finally. Rani was determined not to leave Raja’s side ever.

The next morning, Rani comes to the palace while Raja was working with his files. She inquires about his hand, Raja says its good she came herself, else he was about to send a servant to her home. He shows her the contract she signed, and informs her about signing her release. She is now free to leave the job. He signs a cheque for her salary and keeps it in front of her. He returns her the papers of her Dadu’s home, it belongs to her. He has also spoken somewhere else about her job and places a recommendation letter as well. Rani asks if he is sending her away from the job only, or his life. Raja breaks the nib over the paper he was writing, then qualifies, she was never in his life. Rani snatches all the files, and asks Rani what was in his eyes yesterday then; if she wasn’t in his life. Raja heads to leave saying she had seen it. Rani stops his way, demanding why he is doing so. They can live as enemy, but not as stranger. She can stay with his hatred, she will not leave him at all. She confess her love, but Raja interrupts her to stop it. He just want her to go away from his life, he was annoyed and thought about hurting her.

But it wasn’t possible, neither her friendship nor her enmity is made for him; he just wants to stay away from her. Rani comes to confront him, holding his hand and demands him to repeat this looking into her eyes. She only know she will remove all the reasons of their differences, she is also a Rani who can get defeated but can never accept a defeat. She turns to leave but Raja stops her. Rani turns around with a smile, he hands her with the files and allow her to leave now. Rani leaves.
Amrita comes across Rani in the corridor, and says he is really stubborn. Rani says he will now know he alone isn’t stubborn. Amrita tells Rani that tonight everyone in the palace will go for Pooja outside, Raja would be alone so she can make him up.
At night, Raja sat alone thinking about the burning incident and Jeewan taking Rani away. Tear fell over his hand that he withdraws at once. He comes downstairs in the hall and hears Rani singing. He turns walk inside, Rani stops him and dances around him. He was concerned watching her burnt hand, and walks into the store room. They stand in front of Gayatri and Rana ji’s photo. Rani hugs him saying she loves him a lot. Raja hugs her back, confessing his love for her as well.

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