Once There Was A King Friday 13th July 2022 Zee World updates

On Once There Was A King 13th July 2022: Once There Was A King 13 July 2022, Naina stops Raja outside the car and thanks him for being nice. Raja asks his man if she is clever, or extremely stupid. They mock her. Naina doesn’t understand, Raja says it would be pointless to explain if she isn’t sensible enough. He drives his car away, Naina wonders if he is a man or maths question paper.
The next morning, Naina and Rekha brings their mother home. Vijay had arranged a welcome celebration. Naina felt uncomfortable as Vijay threw flowers over them, dancing that mummy has returned to their neighbourhood.

He stuffs their mouths with sweets, which both Rekha and Naina deny. Mummy forces Naina to have a bite. At home, Naina stuffs the syrup into her mother’s mouth forcefully. She asks about the money for her treatment, both makes up at once they took it from Kohli. Their mummy brings a pouch from the cupboard and shows them some jewelry she has saved for their marriages. Naina says she took the money from that Don, Mummy was shocked at this and curses Naina qualifying he got her out of her film and they can’t take anything from him.

In the palace, Vikrant tells Raja he has two princess in his school show. Raja signs the consent form. Vikrant asks for Laila’s signatures as well, as he needs signatures from both Papa and Mummy. Laila victoriously stares at Raja while signing the papers. Vikrant thanks them and leave cheerfully. Laila questions Raja why he has a problem naming the relation that the whole world has accepted; till when he would run from her. Raja qualifies till his last breath, even after that.

Naina comes to meet Raja, and insists she is always allowed inside. Raja comes out, Rekha calls him from outside. In the palace, Naina places the jewellry in front of Raja and says it’s in return to the money she took from him. She thanks him, as hadn’t he given the money their mother might have died. Naina explains their mother had saved this jewellry for their wedding but they didn’t know about it. Raja says can’t take it. Rekha asks what if he demands something against this money in future. She insists on him to keep this; as this will hurt her and her mother’s self-respect. He nods. As she says a good bye, he shouts at her to leave now. Naina leaves and wishes she never has to meet him. Laila watches them.

Raja comes for lunch, Laila comes demanding what relation he has with that dancer. Raja says he has no relation with her. Laila’s Nani comes home, and demands Raja why is Laila not his wife anymore. Laila comes to hug her, Raja complains she never shared about her Nani. Her Nani says it’s a sin to live under one roof, without marriage. Raja tells Laila this is unjust. Nani says since now she thought they are living happily, but now she realizes he is taking advantage of Laila. Raja says she is blaming him pointless, she knows nothing about him and has no right to judge him. He promises BS to take care of Laila and Vikrant. Laila allows Raja to leave, as she has freed him from that promise. Nani agrees saying she can take care of Laila and Vikrant. Raja turns to leave, but Vikrant begins to cry from behind.

Nani comes to Vikrant but he still resists, Laila was relieved as Raja comes to speak to Vikrant. He makes Vikrant open his eyes, and speak to him. Vikrant relaxes in a while, and speaks to Raja. Raja asks for Vikrant’s permission to touch him and hugs him closely. Laila tells Nani this happens whenever she tries to speak to him. Nani was ready to help Laila.
Rekha was taking mummy;s medicines when a few wander boys teases her. She goes to ask Vijay make his boys behave. They encircle to molest Rekha who screams and drops the medicines. Naina runs outside hearing the screams and comes to hug Rekha.

She was shocked to see Vijay lay on the bike and cries calling Vijay her friend; she requests him for help. Vijay says she has always considered him as a guard, just like a dog. He comes to snatch her stroller too. Naina calls for help, and says he even proposed him for being his girlfriend. But she went behind that Raja, who gave her a lecture about girl’s no. Vijay is not used to hear a no. A steel rod hits Vijay’s head that bleeds, Mummy stood with a wooden rod deterring he must go through her dead body before touching her daughters. Vijay pushes her away and slaps her hard, Mummy fells over out of shock.

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