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Once there Was A King Friday 11th February 2022

On Once there Was A King Friday 11th February 2022: Once there Was A King Friday 11 February 2022, Raja tells Rani that he can’t leave Bindu alone. Rani asks what had happened that day. There, Bindu’s friend calls her crazy to have cut her veins of hands. Bindu recalls her talk with Bari Rani Maa that this will bring her close to Raja and part Raja and Rani away. Raja shares with Rani that he remember after an argument with her he drank but only a bit, he was emotional and spoke to Bindu about her. Rani looks towards Bindu and crosses his way, Bindu stops her saying Rani has always left Raja alone, and now Raja belongs to her only. She won’t leave him alone now. Rani boasts that Bindu can never take her place, there was a misunderstanding between them in childhood as well, and their love would beat hatred this time as well. They are connected at souls and are inseparable.

At the dinner table, Raja sat lost in his thoughts. Bindu offers to feed him with his own hands, Rani comes announces his feet are injured not hands. She walks towards Raja and wants to speak to Raja. He gives his hand in hers. Everyone follow them to the temple room, Rani forwards her mangal sooter, and asks if he is ready to take his Rani back in his life, and spend his life with her. Raja asks if after all this but she shuts his mouth, it was a storm that finally passed over. Rani was elated as he puts in the mangal sooter around her neck, then sindoor in her head partition. Bari Rani Maa was hurt, while Amrita comes cheerfully towards them. She was happy that her daughter has returned to her, and pray these hands always remain together. Raja says but… but Rani says there is a ‘but’ only where there is doubt. Now there is only trust. Bari Rani Maa wonders what miracle took place on the tomb that turned their hearts away.

Rani takes Raja into the room in front of Bindu, and locks from inside. Raja wonders how Rani returned, Rani says he has been fulfilling his friendship with Bindu but she is fulfilling her love for them. She had vowed to accept him whole heartedly, but couldn’t understand its meaning. Today, she know she has to accept him with his short comings, she has realized he belongs to her and she can’t stay without him. He holds her by shoulder, she backs up as she hasn’t allowed him to touch her. He must wait for some time when the trust has been developed. A servant brings in her luggage. Raja goes to complain a doll about her behavior. Both fight with cushions. Raja says her return has brought happiness back home. Amrita calls her for h er Dadu’s call. Raja thinks he promise that Rani would always stay happy now.

On the call, Rani assures Dadu that she is fine. Amrita comes to her asking how her heart turned after whatever happened. Rani says she realized yesterday, it may be a trap. After that night, Bindu has become a lioness, while Raja has shattered. She suspect Bindu’s trap behind this all. Amrita says may be, but she is sure nothing can hurt her Raja when Rani is there. Rani was sure not to trust her enemies anymore, her parent’s story won’t be repeated.
Jeewan stops Rani in the corridor and questions why she forgave Raja after what he did. Rani says their friendship only allow him to be with her but not question her private matters. Raja calls her from downstairs, she was elated to see Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata hugs rani, while Bari Rani Maa was worried recalling Raaj Mata in her old attire. Raja announces that Raaj Mata is Amirkot’s Raaj Mata, her place is in the palace. Amrita brings an aarti, as she has returned home after year’s long exile. Tears fell off Raaj Mata’s eyes, while Bari Rani Maa’s head bang badly. Raja and Rani brings Raaj Mata inside to the seat of throne. Raaj Mata traditionally keeps her foot over the stool. Bari Rani Maa was broken.

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