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Once There Was A King Friday 10th June 2022 Zee World updates

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On Once There Was A King Friday 10th June 2022 Zee World updates: Once There Was A King Friday 10 June 2022 Zee World updates, Raja and Rani run towards each other. The police had reached to arrest Raja before they could meet. Rani kept on pleading, while police inspector beat Raja. Raja was taken in police van, while Rani was left devastated. Iqbal comes there, and tells Rani to meet in jail with Raja now. He has to face forty murder cases, as forty widows have filed cases against Raja. He gives her a handkerchief to clean the blood on her forehead; as she has to travel a long way. Rani comes to the place where widows had been praying for their departed souls. She requests them to withdraw their complaint, as Raja was only trapped. The ladies were still angry at Rani. Rani pleads them to withdraw their complaints against Raja. The ladies ask her to go through a testimony. Rani was ready. The ladies bring her into a dark room, and hands her a drink saying this is poison. They want life against life, that’s justice. If she has to save Raja’s life, she must give away hers. Rani takes bowl, then asks how she should agree they would spare Raja’s life after she dies. The lady says she has no choice. Rani asks them to withdraw their F.I.R first.

The lady laughs, saying Rani would die with poison and Raja would be hanged; only then they would get peace. Rani keeps the bowl aside and tries to run, but women holds her hostage and were about to stuff the drink in her mouth. Raja comes as her savior, and hugs her. Raja questions what was Rani’s mistake in all this, they should have taken a revenge from him. He swears to fire that he is innocent, he didn’t make the wine that killed their husbands. He runs with Rani through the forest. The villagers ran behind them with sticks in hands. They hide under a rock near the lake. The men look around, then leave. Raja assures he is there with her. He assures no one can part them away, and decides to go away from this place and begin a new life. All at once, Rani begins to cough and suffocate. Rani remember her sipping some of the poison. She stammers to Raja she had drunken little of the poison. Raja was shocked to see her suffocating.

Iqbal shouts at the lady for making Rani sipped poison. He says he can’t let Rani die so easily, they need to suffer a lot before they die. Raja holds Rani to take her to hospital. She was unable to walk properly. Raja held her closer, but hear siren of police van and get to a hiding again. Rani’s lips were going blue, she denies going to hospital as she can’t let him to jail. She doesn’t care she leaves her life in his arms. They heard police siren nearby.
In the police station, Iqbal tells the inspector suggesting the whereabouts of Raja and Rani. The inspector questions how he know about them. Iqbal makes up that someone informed him about Rani’s unwell health.
There, Raja rubbed Rani’s hands, while floss came out of her mouth now. Raja says they would fight, and face all the challenges. He envisions their children, a daughter just like her. Rani says they would have a son like him as well. Raja says their children should be innocent like her. Rani was breathing with much difficulty now. Raja rubbed her hands while she fainted.

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