Never Say goodbye Wednesday 9th February 2022

On Never Say goodbye Wednesday 9th February 2022: Never Say goodbye Wednesday 9 February 2022, The Episode starts with Vividha asking Kailash to call Atharv, he is not receiving call, I have to go to Sujata, he is taken for scan. She goes. Dubey says this will be tough for you, I will call. Dubey calls and gives phone to Kailash. Kailash informs Atharv. Atharv comes to hospital and collides with Kailash. Dubey says he is in so much hurry that he did not see you. Kailash says running guy does not get up after fall. Atharv goes to and meets Sujata. He worries and asks how did this happen. Sujata asks him not to worry. Later, Vividha gets soup for Sujata. Sujata recalls Kailash’s words and asks Vividha to leave. Vividha keeps the soup and goes. Atharv asks Sujata what was this, she saved your life. He rushes and stops Vividha holding her hand. Kailash gets angry seeing this. She asks did you get time to come, you had no time to answer call.

She says you did not answer call, if Papa’s car did not come then, I m not interested to talk to you. He says sorry. She asks what did you say. He says sorry, I did not answer your call, thanks for bringing my mum here. She says sorry and thanks, I think you for unwell by coming to hospital.

She jokes and asks him not to make a sad face. He smiles. She says your smile is good, use it and you will look good. Kailash and Dubey look on. Vividha goes. Atharv goes to Sujata and asks why did you take rudely with Vividha. She says I thought its late and her family would be waiting. He asks is there any tension, what are you hiding. She asks did I say much rudely, she would have felt bad. He says Vividha has a simple heart, don’t worry. He feeds her soup. Vividha tells receptionist that Sujata is her aunty, don’t take bill from her, my Papa will clear all bills. Dubey tells Kailash that Vividha has used 15000rs for Atharv before, she gave it to garage owner. Kailash recalls her words. Vividha says keep Sujata in AC ward, not general ward, there should be nothing less in her treatment. She asks Kailash did I do wrong, I thought Sujata does not have money. Kailash asks her to come, and they leave for home.

Kailash and Vividha come home. Vividha apologizes to Kailash. Kailash gets angry and pours water in glass. Water overflows. Vividha stops him. Uma gets worried. Kailash holds Vividha and says you did not do anything to apologize, I should apologize, its first time I realized my daughter had grown up, you helped Sujata without any motive, I m proud of you. Vividha gets glad and hugs him.

He says I told you to be away from them, but you showed you don’t care for the world, and now what I have to do, I will do. Atharv gets Sujata home. She says I was missing my home, I will recover soon at home. He says I know you were worried for hospital bill. She says why will I worry when you are with me. Kailash shows contract papers to Vividha and says its loan papers, it will help Atharv in his business. Vividha is happy and thanks Kailash. She hugs him. Uma worries.

Atharv makes Sujata sleep and sits to work. Sujata recalls Kailash’s words. Vividha thanks Lord and prays. Kailash thinks now Atharv will know the consequences. Sujata prays that Atharv’s dreams do not break. She asks Atharv to sing a song, all her tensions end. He asks her what tension does she have. He holds her hand and says I will sing your fav song. He sings Kahin door….. She cries. He makes her laugh.

Dadi gets ready and asks Guddi to see she is looking like Madhuri. Vividha says I will just come. She tells Guddi that she has to give papers to Atharv, Papa wants to help him by giving loan, talent and hardwork are needed to get rich. Ankit asks why is Papa helping him. Vividha argues with him and asks him not to taunt anyone doing good, you are useless. Vividha says I have confidence on Atharv’s talent. She goes.

Kailash asks Dubey did he write as told. Dubey says yes, who can go against your wish, I wrote that you are giving 40 lakhs loan for business, and if he fails to give 10 lakhs soon towards loan repayment, you will snatch his house, whose value is more than 40 lakhs. Atharv reads papers and asks Vividha did your Papa sent this. She says yes. He asks did you read these papers. She looks at him.

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