Never Say Goodbye Wednesday 24th February 2022

On Never Say Goodbye Wednesday 24th February 2022: Never Say Goodbye Wednesday 24 February 2022, The Episode starts with Atharv working somewhere and getting g some consignment. He smiles seeing the boxes. He says this is the first step towards my dreams, its harness machines, I have waited a lot for this success. But every success looks useless without Vividha, every dream looks far, I wish you were here at this time…… He recalls Vividha. Pyaar bhi bangaya hai jaisa gunaah……..jaana na dil se door………….plays…………. He cries.

Vividha comes there to meet him. Atharv gets pleasantly surprised seeing her. She says you would be happy right. He says yes, I m happy now. She says you came to my house and got my dad insulted, you would be happy. He says I did not insult your dad, I just came to give you bangles, my mum has arranged everything, she made that dupatta by her hands and made your sized bangles, you could have taken it for her happiness. She says I would have accepted, but not increased her hope, it would hurt more if hope got high and relations break, can’t you understand this. She cries. He asks why are you crying, I can’t see your tears. She says I can’t see my dad’s pain. He says I did not know your house has guests, I saw them asking about A written on your hand, I could not leave seeing you standing helpless, I did not wish to insult your dad. She says but questions are raised now, how will I answer them, how could I stop them from questioning, whom will you answer. He sees the slap marks on her cheek.

He asks about the marks, did Kailash slap you. She says no, you did this, its all because of you, my Papa did not raise finger at me, he gave me freedom, he raised hand on me because of you. He gets angry and says he should have not done this. She says he is my Papa and can do anything. He says I can’t bear this, that the girl who is part of my life….. She says I m not part of your life, come out of your dream world, I don’t love you and don’t want to marry you.

He asks her to say just one truth and holds her. He says look in my eyes and answer me, if your Papa’s pressure was not on you, what would your heart say….. She looks at him and cries. He says tying cloth on eyes does not get darkness, open eyes and see the light, then you will see everything which you have hidden from yourself. Police come there and the car headlight flash on them. They check the boxes. Atharv asks what happened, stop them, my machines will break, its dairy farm machines, it will break, I will show prove, its my land, wait. The police constables break everything. Atharv and Vividha try to stop them. Atharv asks inspector to stop them, you won’t get anything here.

Constable says I got this and shows the plant. Inspector smells the plant and says so you are preparing this….. you are farming Afeem/opium plants. Atharv and Vividha get shocked.

Inspector says we were finding this here, you started planting opium in dairy farm plant. Atharv says trust me, I have no idea about this. Inspector says you think I m a fool, you are arrested, you explain in police station now. Atharv says wait. Inspector says sit in the car, else I will drag you. They push Atharv. Atharv gets hurt. Vividha says this is wrong, Atharv did not do anything.

Kailash goes to Sujata’s house. Sujata gets shocked. Kailash throws the bangles on her face. Sujata gets hurt. He says I explained you a lot, you and your son are deaf and blind, now I will show you, save these bangles, I will be in use in bad time, your bad time is standing infront of you, you did not keep your son away from my daughter, I take this responsibility now, your son should not be seen around Vividha. She says I don’t know your enmity, whats bad in Atharv. He scolds her and says Atharv is not even equal to Vividha’s nail status, he is dreaming to marry my daughter, you are bearing your past and I think you will bear the future badly, your son has insulted my daughter’s respect. Atharv says Sir, you are mistaken. He falls down.

Vividha holds him. Atharv gets glad seeing her supporting him in bad time. He says if I had mirror, I would have shown you that you are denying till now. Police takes him. Sujata asks Kailash to stop it, you are forgetting that you are standing under my roof and saying bad to my son, I m proud of Atharv and his decision to marry Vividha, they are made for each other, I regret that you can’t understand this truth. He gets shocked. Sujata asks him to go, you can’t understand or make relations, and we keep relations. She shows the bangles and ties in her saree. She says I will make my bahu Vividha wear these bangles. He warns her and says you will fall soon, I will make you apologize, remember this. He leaves. She says why did he say this and worries.

Vividha tells inspector that Atharv is innocent, I know he can’t do anything wrong. Inspector asks what are you doing here at this time with this guy, are you romancing him, this guy is farming opium here, who are you, seller or buyer. Atharv and Vividha get shocked.

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