Never Say Goodbye Tuesday 8th February 2022

On Never Say Goodbye Tuesday 8th February 2022: Never Say Goodbye Tuesday 8 February 2022, The Episode starts with Sujata talking to Atharv. He goes out and sees Vividha on the way. He stops her. Her friend calls him sweet. Atharv tries to avoid him. Atharv calls her out and says I need to talk. Her friend asks do you know him. Vividha says no, I will just come. Vividha asks Atharv why did he stop her like this, people will make news, I can’t talk, I have to go college. He says my mum made food putting one hour, you can go 5 mins late, you fed that food to dogs, your brother had courage to say bitter truth, beware of us, if my mum is hurt next time, I will not bear this.

She says I also got values from my home, you are just scolding me, did you ask why I did not come. He asks did you tell me. She asks did you give me chance to say, you are just accusing me. He says then don’t say, you are too busy, go your friends are waiting, else world will make news, I have imp work. She says it won’t happen. He calls her a crow and goes.

Kailash is on the way. Sujata meets some people in market and goes. Kailash sees Sujata and rotates the steering to hit Sujata. Sujata screams.

Kailash gets down the car and asks Sujata how is she walking, if she got hit then…. The grass for cows fall down. Kailash says now I got to know how Atharv got such values from his mum, carelessness, world is not always bad, sometimes person’s time is bad, you can be alert but don’t know from where will danger come, Atharv came at my home at night, maybe he forgot we have relation that you sell milk at my home.

He says I don’t need the food sent by your house. He warns her to stay away and taunts her. He warns her to take care of Atharv, why is she preparing to stay along in old age. She goes. Dubey tells Kailash that you did great to give her warning in cool way, your day is good today. Kailash says you useless, Atharv has applied 40 lakhs for dairy farm, why did you not tell me this news, I got to know from someone else. Dubey says he wants to be equal to you. Kailash gets some call and laughs, telling Dubey that Atharv won’t get any loan now, this is the effect of just one phone call.

Kailash taunts Dubey and says you are still under my control since many years and sends him barefoot. Dubey apologizes and goes. Vividha says the day is bad today, I saw Atharv and all the lectures got cancelled. Atharv says my day is too bad, my work did not happen. He leaves. Sujata walks on the road recalling Kailash’s warnings. Vividha is on the way. The electricity guys repair some wires near the pole. Vividha passes by and gets saved. The live wire falls down, and before the man could shut the power connection, the pliers fall down. Sujata gets hurt.

Vividha stops and sees Sujata. Vividha worries and asks everyone to get a car or anything else, we have to take her to hospital. She sees Dubey coming and tells her about Sujata, she got unconscious, we have to take her to hospital. She sees Kailash’s car and stops him. she asks him to see Sujata, don’t know how she got hurt, we have to take her to hospital, we will take her in our car.

Vividha makes Sujata sit and says I have to call Atharv. She calls him and he does not answer seeing her name. she says please answer my call Atharv…. Kailash gets angry. Vividha asks driver to drive faster. They reach the hospital. Vividha rushes Sujata for treatment. Dubey comes there walking and sees the blood stain on the seats. He tells Kailash that you punished me and made me walk barefoot for miles. He tells about Vividha is getting attached to them. Kailash gets angry.

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