Never Say Goodbye Sunday 28th February 2022

On Never Say Goodbye Sunday Sunday 28th February 2022: Never Say Goodbye Sunday Sunday 28 February 2022, The Episode starts with Kailash thanking Bharadwaj for giving them another chance and coming here. Bharadwaj says we came here on our son’s saying, he wanted to give you another chance. Kailash thanks them. He asks Guddi to get Vividha. Vividha gets up and the things fall. She sees her phone. Vividha looks on. Atharv stops the car and gets down. Sujata asks her to come. Atharv says I won’t go till you answer me. Guddi asks Vividha to talk to Atharv once and goes outside. Vividha picks her phone.

Atharv asks where are we going tell me, and gets Vividha’s call. He says I will ask her if you don’t say. He answers call, while Sujata asks him not to talk to Vividha. He asks why should I not ask. She tries to take the phone. She asks what do you want to know, that we are leaving from the city forever. Vividha hears this. Atharv and Vividha get shocked. The phone falls down and breaks. He asks what. Sujata says we are leaving from Ajmer forever. He asks why. Sujata cries and says I will say if don’t get annoyed and angry after knowing this. He says I m still angry and annoyed, tell me what happened.

She says I have hidden something from you since many years, I took loan from Kailash for your studies. He gets shocked. She says I had to keep our house mortgaged for that loan, and cries. He looks at her. She tells everything what happened yesterday. Atharv gets angry. He recalls Vividha being Kailash’s contract file and thinks of Kailash’s taunts. Vividha cries and says Atharv is leaving the city. Guddi comes and asks her to come fast, why did you not change clothes, come, Papa is getting annoyed.

Everyone wait for Vividha. Vividha comes there. Uma asks her to come and asks why did you not change clothes. She gives sweet plate to Vividha and takes her. Vviidha recalls Sujata’s words. Vividha is lost and goes other side. Uma takes her to guests and asks her to give sweets to everyone. Vividha recalls Atharv and their loments. Jaana na dil se door………………plays………….

Atharv says Kailash did all this to trap me in fake opium case and trap you for 10 lakhs, bail happens in court, not in police station, he did this to make Vividha away from me, I won’t let this happen. Uncle asks what option do you have now. Atharv says there is a way, and asks taxi driver to get them back. Sujata says leave it now, we can’t fight with him now, the man who can do this with us, can do anything. Atharv says I will not run being scared, I will not leave Kailash. She says I don’t want to fight, I just want to leave. He asks do you want to leave everything. She says you are my everything, we will start a new life, I don’t want anything else, they have beaten you so badly, I can’t see this. He hugs her and she cries.

He consoles Sujata and says you can make me leave house, how will you make me leave Vividha, you can’t take your son completely, some of my part will be left here. She sees tears in his eyes and says we have to leave. He says I won’t be able to go. Uncle looks on. He says you have seen in Vividha’s eyes, what she thinks about me. She says I was wrong , I believed your dreams to be truth, Vividha can’t become my bahu, she can’t become part of our lives, she does not love you, she loves her Papa. He says I know, but you see, Vividha will surely come.

Kailash sees Vividha lost. Bharadwaj’s son smiles seeing her. Uma asks her to give sweets to everyone. Vividha drops the sweet plate, before the guy could take sweets. They all look on. Vividha rushes, while Umma and Kailash ask her where is she going. Vividha recalls Sujata’s words and runs out of her house. Kailash, Uma and Guddi run after her. Bharadwaj’s son says mummy, Vividha has run…..

Sujata says Vividha will never come, her Papa’s command and Maryada have tied her. Vividha runs across the lanes. Atharv says she will come breaking all limits. Sujata says stop this madness. Atharv says she is my heart’s trust, you asked me to follow heart. Sujata says you got blind and is not seeing truth, Vividha’s world is around her Papa, you can see just her and can’t get her. He says Vividha will come. Sujata says enough, sit in the car, we have to leave for Delhi. Uncle says she won’t come. Atharv says if you can’t feel it, I can’t tell you, my heart knows she will come, and till then I will wait for her here. He sits down on the road. Vividha is still on the way, running. Jaana na dil se door……………plays…………….

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