Never Say Goodbye Saturday 5th February 2022

On Never Say Goodbye Saturday 5th February 2022: Never Say Goodbye Saturday 5 February 2022, The Episode starts with Vividha telling Guddi about Atharv. Atharv tells Sujata about Vividha. Sujata asks shall I get more kheer, did you like it. Atharv thinks she is saying about Vividha and says by making her bahu? Its better I marry a cow. Sujata says no, I was saying about kheer and gets worried. Vividha runs after Guddi, as Guddi teases her about Atharv. Atharv recalls Vividha and smiles. He says she is just mad. Vividha smiles and says even Papa liked that Khadoos. She recalls his words and is happy.

Kailash recalls how Atharv came in between and is angry. Its morning, Vividha goes to take milk and sees Atharv at the door. She says you here…. He says I had to talk to you. Guddi finds Atharv very good looking and smiles. Dadi says how did Guddi wake up so early, whom is she seeing. Dadi sees Atharv and asks who is he. Guddi says Sujata’s son Atharv. Dadi says oh really, I did not see him well at night. Dadi and Guddi stare at Atharv and cup their faces saying Haye…..

Atharv says I wanted to ask did your Papa scold you after I left. She says no. He says tell me if there is any problem. He goes. Vividha stops Atharv and asks why do you worry for me. He asks why did you worry for Payal. She says because she was in problem because of me. He smiles and leaves. Kailash looks on angrily.

Guddi dances in her room. Kailash comes there and asks for Vividha. Guddi says Vividha went to Atharv’s house to apologize. He gets angry. Vividha reaches Atharv’s house. Atharv is making roti and asks Sujata to make dish, kitchen work will end in half an hour, I won’t let you sit here for all day. He goes to open the door and sees Vividha. He says you… She laughs seeing the white flour on his hair. He asks whats so funny. She says nothing, I came to meet Sujata.

Kailash prays and lights a diya. Uma, Guddi and Dadi look on as he does the aarti. Sujata asks Vividha how did she come. Vividha says I came to apologize, I will help you. Sujata asks was your Papa annoyed. Vividha says no, he did not feel bad, he loves me a lot. She smiles.

Kailash angrily does the aarti and recalls Atharv with Vividha. Vividha says I had lots of adventures. She asks is this halwa smell. Sujata says no, I m making kheer, if you like halwa, I will make it. Vividha says I will come here to have food while returning from library. She asks will it be early. Atharv says it will be later, we take dinner early. Vividha says fine, I will come soon. She hugs Sujata. Sujata asks Atharv to go and drop her. Vividha asks Atharv to buy a hair dye and apply, as his hair are turning white, he is growing old. She goes. He sees himself in mirror and sees the flour over his hair.

Uma asks Kailash what happened. He says I m going to repent. She says but you did not wear slipper. Dadi asks Kailash to stop. Kailash says no one will come after me and leaves angrily. Uma calls Vividha and says your Papa went somewhere, I don’t know where, he left very angry and went barefoot, do something, get him back, I m scared. Vividha says don’t worry, I will see where is Papa. Kailash walks on the road barefoot. A shopkeeper calls him out. Kailash does not stop and walks ahead. Vividha asks people about Kailash.

Atharv asks Sujata why did she not refuse to make halwa. Sujata asks can’t I make halwa for Vividha, I m making Chole also, she is coming here on dinner. He jokes. She smiles and starts preparing dinner. Vividha looks for Kailash and asks that same shopkeeper did he see Kailash. He says yes, he was walking barefoot, what mannat did he make. She thanks the man and thinks why is Kailash doing this. She buys a slipper for Kailash and goes. Sujata makes the halwa and sweats in the kitchen heat. Atharv sits working on his laptop.

Vividha runs to find Kailash. Atharv sees Sujata cooking since long and sees the time. Kailash sees his bleeding feet and walks ahead. Vividha sees the foot marks and follows. He walks over glass pieces. Sujata makes the dinner ready and serves it on the table. She gets tired and sits to take a breath. Vividha finds Kailash and asks him to stop, as his feet is bleeding. She asks him why is he doing so. Atharv sees the time 8pm and asks Sujata not to wait and have dinner. He says you always have dinner at 7pm, have dinner, I will wait for Vividha. Sujata says no, its fine, I will wait. Vividha recalls Kailash’s words and cries. She sits in his way and holds his feet to apologize. She asks him not to punish himself. She swears she will never lie or hide anything, she will do as he says. She asks him to stop. Kailash finally stops.

Atharv says all rich people are like this, you made everything here and Vividha did not come, it depends on her mood, have food now. Vividha asks Kailash to wear the slippers. Kailash cries and wears the slippers. She cries and hugs him, apologizing to him. Kailash smiles.

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