Never say goodbye Saturday 29th January 2022

On Never say goodbye Saturday 29th January 2022: Never say goodbye Saturday 29 January 2022, The Episode starts with Vividha going to Kailash. He gets busy on phone call. Uma calls Vividha and she goes. Dubey and Kailash talk to Sujata. He says he called Sujata here as she came to office and scolds him infront of my servants. He says he has called Sujata for insulting her, I regret her son did not come today, else….

Atharv is on the way and a van comes in his way. He leaves. The lady asks her husband why did he not scold that guy and calls him coward. He says I m no coward, I caught these goats. They see the Gau puja going on in Kailash’s home, and thinks to steal the cow. They hide from everyone. Vividha sees Guddi taking selfies. Vividha makes a rose garland for calf. Guddi says each flower is of 5rs, why such garland for calf. She says where there is love, money is not seen. She tells Guddi that she has to drop cow and calf to stable, feed them till then, I will just come. She goes. The couple sees this and smiles.

Atharv asks Sujata why did you take cow and calf there, its puja, they should have come here like always, its so late now. She says yes, much time passed. He says I will go to get them.

The couple goes to steal the calf. Guddi is busy in selfies. The cow alerts Guddi. The couple hides. The lady shows the medicine to make cow unconscious. Atharv and Sujata are on the way. The man throws the medicines. Guddi recalls she has to feed the cow and puts grass for the cow. She gets busy talking to her friend. Vividha comes back and feeds the cow before taking her home. The couple gets glad seeing the medicine being fed to cow along with grass.

Vividha and Guddi take the cow and calf with them. The cow stops walking. Vividha says house is near, come. Vividha sees the foam coming out of cow’s mouth and thinks to call Sujata. Guddi says maybe cow is tired. Vividha says no, this is not a good thing, I will call Sujata, give me your phone. Guddi says I m busy talking to friend. Vividha says I will go and get water, take care of them. The couple looks on. Guddi takes more selfies.

The couple goes to steal the calf. The cow tries to break the rope. The couple runs away in their van. Vividha comes across Sujata and Atharv and asks Sujata to come fast and see the cow. The cow gets unconscious. Atharv cares for the cow. Sujata sprinkles water on the cow. Vividha thanks Lord that cow is fine. The cow refuses to go with them. They all look for the calf. Guddi says I don’t know anything, the calf was here.

Guddi says they are so worried for a calf. Atharv scolds her for not taking care for a calf. He asks Vividha does this happen with cow and calf, whose puja she did, would they do this with Lord, how can she be so irresponsible, even animals need family, someone who are with us. He asks Sujata to go home and he will go to police station. Vividha says I will come along. He says no need and goes.

Guddi and Vividha come home. Guddi asks why did he scold us for an animal. Vividha says because animals have emotions too, they also need care. She says I lost Payal, I made a relation with her. Atharv complains to inspector about the calf going missing. Inspector says he has many cases to look after, have some respect for us, will we look for calf now. Atharv says inspector was finding a MLA’s dog, where did his respect go then. Inspector asks him to be in limits. Atharv asks him to do his duty. Inspector says so now our work is to find a calf.

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