Never Say Goodbye Monday 7th February 2022

On Never Say Goodbye Monday 7th February 2022: Never Say Goodbye Monday 7 February 2022, The Episode starts with Kailash angrily taunting Atharv while talking to Ankit. Atharv answers him well. Sujata is   worried and says I will go and see Atharv. Uncle stops her and asks her not to go there, she should have eaten food on time and Atharv would have not gone there. She says you got chance to taunt me, I will go there and bring Atharv. He says I will come along. Kailash says I have to explain Ankit, why will I tell you. Atharv says whats why you are not able to tell me directly, I m standing here, tell me straight. Kailash sends Vividha to get water for Atharv and sends everyone from there.

He asks Atharv to try to understand if he has senses. He says you will take my daughter to Pushkar and come here anytime, I will not bear this, the distance between our houses is by status, not kilometer, don’t forget, and this food … thanks Sujata for my side, she has taken care of my daughter. He acts sweet seeing Vividha coming with water. Atharv says Sujata made food as Vividha wanted to come herself, if my mum was not hungry waiting for Vividha, I would have not come here with food, one should not promise if can’t fulfill, I will leave.

Kailash says maybe I m not able to explain, anyone can say rumors, I have two young daughters at home, its about values. Atharv says sorry, I did not take Vividha to Pushkar, she came to me herself, and I got her back safe, these values are given to me by my Maa, not my father.

Atharv says values don’t have copyright of rich and poor people, remember Krishna was raised between poor people and Kansa was raised in palace. He leaves, while Vividha goes after him. Kailash gets angry. She asks did Sujata not have food. He asks oh really, how did it matter. She says I was coming but…. Atharv leaves.

Uncle kickstarts the bike and it does not start. Sujata says its junk, of what age is this, throw this in junkyard. Kailash asks Vividha why did you not tell him about dinner. She says I was telling while serving you dinner, and Atharv came. He says you should have told me earlier, I taught my daughter to walk with head high, not bowing down, I m hungry, will you serve food or not. She feeds him food. Atharv reaches home. Sujata asks what happened, is everything fine. Atharv is angry and says Vividha already had food, I did not know she will do this, I thought she respects you, but I forgot she is Kailash’s daughter. Sujata asks did he say anything. Atharv says you find him simple man, but he is not.

Kailash sees the tiffin and says its so such oily food, I knew the food by Sujata will be so poor, they are cheap people. He asks her to throw the food for dogs, and stop Vividha from meeting Atharv and Sujata. Sujata tells Atharv that Kailash is elder. Atharv asks are you saying about his age or status, nothing happened there, why are you afraid of him, as if we took loan from him, and he will come to us.

Sujata worries. Uncle diverts Atharv. Atharv asks Sujata to understand who is their loved ones and who are not.

Later at night, Vividha goes to eat the food made by Sujata. She says Atharv said so much as if I intentionally did not visit his home. She likes the food and halwa. Atharv is upset and says person should respect other’s feelings too, she just made excuses. She says I did not make excuse, he should have heard me once, did he ask what was the problem, how could I go when Papa has big issue, next time when I meet Sujata, I will ask her why is Atharv always angry.

Its morning, Kailash asks Uma to send the tiffin with some sweets in it. Vividha says I ate food from the tiffin at night, I was feeling very bad, Sujata sent tiffin by love, you taught me we should not let anyone’s hardwork go waste, did I do right. He says yes right. He asks Uma to send tiffin. Vividha says no problem, I will take it. Dubey tells Kailash to do something. Kailash sends him. He tells Vividha that Ankit will go. Vividha says I would have spent time with Payal and thanked Sujata. Kailash says its small city and people have small mindsets, they will make news and spoil your and Guddi’s name, stay away from Sujata and Atharv. She says fine, Ankit you thank Sujata from my side. He says fine.

Ankit goes to give tiffin to Sujata and asks why did she not send Atharv to take tiffin. Atharv says I know you are busy, even we are busy. Ankit asks who asked you to get tiffin, you don’t have any work. Atharv says yes, I will ask few questions to see your smartness. He asks questions, and Ankit answers wrong. Atharv shows his knowledge. Sujata asks Ankit how is his college going on. Atharv asks Ankit to have some smartness, than just making body. Uncle says yes, man should have mind. Ankit asks are you making fun of me. Atharv says no, you are a walking joke, I m Delhi univ graduate and here I m running dairy farm. Sujata stops Atharv and asks did Vividha liked the food. Ankit says she did not have food, we don’t waste food and feed the dogs. He leaves. Atharv gets angry.

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