Never Say Goodbye Monday 1st March 2022

On Never Say Goodbye Monday 1st March 2022: Never Say Goodbye Monday 1 March 2022, The Episode starts with Sujata asking Atharv to come along. He refuses and says I m not like you, I will follow my heart, Vividha will come, I can hear her footsteps. Vividha runs and her slipper gets off. Teri deewani…….plays………….. She recalls Atharv. Sujata tries to convince Atharv and says you are my beloved one, you always understood my helplessness and was never stubborn, why now. He says I m not stubborn, its my belief. Vividha gets hurt while running on the way, and at every hurdle, she recalls how Atharv has always helped/supported her. Sujata says enough, come with me for my sake. He asks her not to make him swear, he has to meet Vividha. Sujata and uncle ask Atharv to come. He refuses. She says Vividha won’t come and asks him to understand. Vividha stops near the mirror flashing light and recalls Atharv.

Sujata says true love stories mostly don’t get completed, Vividha will not come. She cries. Atharv hugs her. She says come with me, Vividha won’t come. Atharv smiles seeing Vividha and asks her to look there. Vividha comes running. Sujata gets surprised. Jaana na dil se door…………………plays…………………… Vividha runs to Atharv and hugs him. She cries. Atharv and Vividha smile and have an eyelock.

Atharv says I knew you would come. She smiles. Kailash comes and shouts Vividha. Vividha gets shocked seeing him. Vividha’s family looks on. Kailash asks Vividha to come to him. Vividha starts going. Atharv holds her hand and says my love is pulling you this side, and your dad’s ego is pulling you that side, you have to choose either of the two things. Vividha looks at Kailash and Atharv. Kailash shouts again and fumes. Vividha cries. Atharv signs no to her. She leaves his hand and goes to Kailash. Atharv looks on. kailash says you are thinking Vividha’s pity is her love, you are doing big mistake.

Atharv says I pity you to not be able to read your daughter’s face. Kailash says you can’t have any relation with her. Atharv says such relations are made, not bound. He shows her dupatta’s lace attached to his bracelet, and says you have to feel the bond to realize it, maybe that’s why you are not able to see this. Kailash holds the lace and pulls from Atharv’s hand and throws on the ground.

Kailash angrily goes to Sujata and reminds what was decided between them, that is this drama. Atharv backs off Kailash and asks him not to say anything to Sujata. Kailash says I want to talk to Sujata and she is understanding than you, she is not senseless like you, she is smart, right Sujata? He indirectly warns her and asks her to do whats good for them. She holds Atharv’s hand showing she will support Atharv. Kailash goes and holds Vividha’s hand. He drags her to the car. Vividha cries and sees Atharv.

Kailash and his family leave. Atharv asks Sujata did she see the way his heart made and his Vividha. She smiles and hugs him.

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