Never Say Goodbye Friday 11th February 2022

On Never Say Goodbye Friday 11th February 2022: Never Say Goodbye Friday 11 February 2022, The Episode starts with Atharv telling Sujata that Kailash is always bitter tongued, how is he to use his daughter. Vividha says Atharv did not think how bad I will feel when he says bad to my Papa, he is very insensitive. Sujata tells Atharv that you feel bad for Vividha, but why. Atharv says Vividha does not know who is her father, she is very sensitive, she will get shock, and she won’t believe me, she will stop talking to me. She says you signed contract knowing you will be hurt after signing, you are ready to bear problems than giving problems to Vividha, why. He asks why, did I do anything wrong. She says I don’t want you to get hurt. He says I m fine. She asks do you start liking Vividha. He asks what are you saying. She says I m just saying one thing, you always follow heart, as mind makes the way, but heart shows the way, I will always be with you. He says leave all this, I m not meeting Vividha from today, her chapter is closed. Vividha says Atharv’s chapter is closed from today.

Its morning, Kailash and Dubey come to some auction. He sees Atharv there and recalls his words. He asks what are you doing here, don’t tell me you came here for bidding for land, don’t dream too big, its not about any cow, buffalo or stable, it’s a land bidding. He moves Atharv back and goes ahead. He recalls Atharv and Vividha. Atharv recalls Kailash’s words and walks there. He cleans the chair and sits beside Kailash. Uncle asks Atharv to come with him. Atharv says some dreams have to shown their status, so that they forget difference between land and stable, land is of 20 lakhs, and bank has 40 lakhs, sit….

Kailash looks on. Dubey says Atharv has said a big thing in this young age. Kailash asks him to call his home. Dubey calls at Kailash’s home. Dadi thinks whose call is it, maybe DVD shopkeeper. She answers call and starts scolding. Dubey gives call to Kailash. Kailash says Maa…. Dadi says sorry, I thought its someone else. Kailash asks her to send Vividha to the land bidding event, I will make Vividha do the tika to me when I buy the land. Dadi says fine. Kailash tells that Vividha is my pride, she will do tilka to me. Dubey says Atharv has your money, but not more than you, this land has your name written on it. Ankit and Vividha are on the way. She asks him to drive faster. Uncle asks Atharv to come.

Atharv says wait. Uncle says I will get Sujata here, else come with me. He takes Atharv. Vividha comes there and collides with Atharv. All the kumkum falls over Atharv’s forehead and clothes. They look at each other and start arguing. She says I m my Papa’s lucky charm, I came to do tika to him, I don’t have time to talk to you. She goes. Atharv sees the tika done on his forehead by her. Uncle takes Sujata there and tells how Atharv got angry seeing Kailash. Vividha does the tika to Kailash. Atharv comes there. Kailash smiles. The land auction begins. Atharv does the bidding. Vividha says so he wanted to do this with my dad’s money. Kailash bids for 25 lakhs. Atharv says 26 lakhs. Kailash says 30 lakhs.

Vividha signs Atharv that he will lose. Atharv says 31 lakhs. Kailash says 35 lakhs. Atharv recalls Kailash’s taunts. He says 36 lakhs….. The man asks is anyone else bidding. Sujata comes there. Kailash gets up and says Atharv, you lose infront of your mother now. He says 40 lakhs. The man asks Atharv will he bid now. Atharv does not bid. Kailash gets the land and wins the bid. Vividha claps and says congrats Papa. Vividha ignores Atharv and goes. Sujata asks Atharv why was he doing all this. Kailash comes to him.

Kailash says I have invested more years in this business, than your age, first learn to stand then walk, else you will fall over your face. He taunts Atharv. He asks Sujata not to let her son spoil her name, make him do some job, Atharv does not know business. Atharv asks will you go without getting congratulations. He congratulates Kailash and says you are really experienced, else I made you helpless to buy land worth 20 lakhs in 40 lakhs. Kailash gets angry. Atharv smiles.

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