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My Heart Knows Wednesday 9th July 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows 9th July 2022; My Heart Knows 9 July 2022, The Episode starts with Malhar asking Vaijanti, calling her Kalyani to tell which flavor she wants in icecream. Meenakshi thinks Kalyani’s game is over, you had run longer. Malhar asks her if she wants choco chips. Vaijanti looks behind and asks Kalyani which icecream flavor she wants. He asks to whom you was talking to? Vaijanti says air/Kalyani and tells that if your Kalyani orders then bring my order tutti frutti. Meenakshi thinks she was about to catch her, but….Vaijanti says she will get her own order. Malhar thinks he will prove that she is Kalyani and gets down to get tutti frutti icecream. Sunita looks at Vaijanti and Malhar from a distance. She covers her face with a cloth and applies black color on her forehead. She looks inside the car. Vaijanti pats on her shoulder and asks why are you following me? Do you have any work with me? Sunita asks her to move back and says she is not scared, as her men are all around here, and if she does any clever act or raise hand on her, then her men will kill Malhar. Vaijanti says I have no connection with Malhar and asks her to shoot on his hand and legs, so that she can search her Param. She asks her if she knows her param and asks her to tell where is my husband, where did you hide him? Sunita is shocked and runs away. Vaijanti runs behind her. Malhar turns hearing her shouting and drops the icecream. He calls her Kalyani. Vaijanti goes behind her and asks where is my Param, coughs. Malhar comes there and asks why were you shouting? Kalyani says a lady was following me and I thought she knows about Param. She says she ran away and says if she had caught her then would have known about Param. Malhar says she is not following you for Param and asks her to come and have icecream.

Malhar and Vaijanti have icecream. He looks at her. He says I have forgotten to give money to icecream seller and drops Moksh’s pic on the floor intentionally. He says I will give money to the icecream seller and come. He is about to step on the pic, but Vaijanti stops him. Malhar thinks my Kalyani will not let anyone harming even her son’s pic Vaijanti asks him to bring her another icecream. Malhar thinks why did she behaved as if she is not affected. He goes to bring icecream. Vaijanti picks the photo and keeps on the car. Malhar returns. Vaijanti informs him about keeping his photo there.

Anupriya comes to the tent and finds Bebe taking care of Vaijanti, after the latter caught high fever. Bebe tells that Vaijanti has sworn to take rounds of the peepal tree for 500 times daily, until Param returns. Anupriya says how she will take rounds in these conditions. She calls Malhar. Malhar comes there. Anupriya tells about her condition. Malhar calls her Kalyani. Anupriya says take her inside. Bebe asks her to agree. Malhar lifts Vaijanti and takes her inside. Kalyani asks him to leave her. Malhar tells Bebe that he can help her find Param and asks her to give his pic. He says he was ACP of Aurangabad and can help her. Bebe says she has many pics and takes him home. Anupriya asks her to bring Vaijanti’s clothes. They leave. Anupriya sees injury on Vaijanti’s foot.

Malhar checks the pics and says it is not clear. He asks bebe to give Vaijanti and Param’s wedding pic. Bebe gets tensed. Anupriya thinks she is Kalyani and that’s why came to save Malhar. Sarthak brings doctor to check Vaijanti’s feet. Anupriya stops Doctor and tells that they will get her check up by her daughter and asks the Doctor to go. Sarthak gets angry. Anupriya says please. Sarthak goes. Anupriya thinks to inform Malhar. Bebe tells that they had eloped and marry, they didn’t give us a chance to get the pics clicked. She asks him to check Vaijanti’s suitcase, if there is any Param’s pic in it. He finds Vaijanti and Param’s pic in the file. Anupriya calls him and asks him to come home fast. Just then vase falls down and breaks. She finds hidden camera in it and thinks she can’t tell him anything, else everything will be capture in the camera. She asks him to bring balm for her headache relief. He says ok.

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