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My Heart Knows Wednesday 25th June 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows 25th June 2022: My Heart Knows 25 June 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani crying in her house. She gets call from Sneha, who asks her to come. Kalyani says she is coming. Malhar tells Durga Prasad that he feels good to see Kalyani successful and getting well educated. He says if she was alive then why she didn’t come to meet me. He asks if she don’t remember him. He thinks it can’t be true that she never missed him. Kalyani looks at Moksh’s photo and says people say that even you died in the blast. She says it can’t be true, else I wouldn’t have been alive. She says I tell all your stories, your mischief and attitude to everyone. She asks him to return with new and cool name Simba. She says I miss you and kisses his pic. She starts her programme on radio and tells that Simba came today to tell you all stories. She says today Simba will tell that how he united his mummy and papa. She says you all have experienced and knows that when the kids fight then mummy and Papa pull their ears, but kids can’t do the same. Anupriya hears her on radio. Kalyani tells that they shall use Simba’s formula. She says Simba’s mummy was Kallu and Papa was mallu. Anupriya gets shocked identifying her voice. She tells that Kallu doesn’t want to eat food. Even Mallu refused to eat food, then Simba refused to drink milk. When his parents patch up, Simba had two bottles milk. She asks the listeners to share such stories and plays the song yeh honsla kaise jhuka…Anupriya gets a coin from the box and goes out to make a call. She comes to the tea stall and finds the coin missing. She hears Kalyani’s radio show even there. Kalyani says Simba didn’t brush his teeth and next day his teeth was missing. She says she will come tomorrow. Anupriya looks shocked.

Malhar comes to Kalyani’s house and asks if she was on radio, telling Moksh’s story. Kalyani says do you get free time from your wife to listen to radio. Malhar asks her to tell where was she since 5 years and how she reached here. Kalyani says she is not answerable to him and says a married man shall not come here. She asks him to go and not to force her to call Commissioner. Malhar gets angry, takes glass in his hand and breaks it in his hand. Kalyani asks what are you doing. He says sorry and finds Vivek’s name written on the paper with different addresses. He goes from there upset. Kalyani thinks what Ganapati Bappa is doing. I am getting weak again, can’t see him with someone else, says she is feeling much pain seeing him in pain, thinking that he has become sub inspector from ACP. She says if he gets a scratch then she feels pain. Malhar is standing out and pretends to talk to Swara. He says how Maai burnt her hand? Kalyani hears him and comes out. she asks where is my Aai? Malhar says I know about your family, if you don’t tell me anything then I will also not reply to you. Kalyani says I don’t need your help to meet my family, says the man who shot me, why will he help me?

Aao Saheb asks Godaveri to be a good lawyer. Anupriya comes there and thinks why am I worrying? Aao Saheb asks where was you? If you was taking rest. She says she is going to wash the utensils. Anupriya says I will wash the utensils. Aao Saheb tells that she will eat the leftover sweets of Godaveri. Anupriya says I will eat. Aao Saheb ill treats Anupriya and gives her left over coconut sweets. She smirks looking at her. Anupriya goes from there.

Aao Saheb asks Godaveri to remember how she made Anupriya write exam for her (Godaveri) as she wanted her to become a lawyer. A fb is shown, Aao Saheb emotionally blackmails Anupriya to write exam for Godaveri. Anupriya says she doesn’t have anybody else other than her. Aao Saheb says she has accepted her, his son’s illegitimate daughter. She says she accepted Sarthak and got her married to him, but. Anupriya cries. Aao Saheb says people tell that you are inauspicious and kills people whoever is with you. She says Atul left, Kalyani left and Sarthak also doesn’t stay with you. She says I don’t believe in all this. She says she wants her to write exam for Godaveri so that when the latter becomes lawyer, she can tell the world that Anupriya is not inauspicious. Aao Saheb asks Godaveri to get Malhar Rane behind bars, for Rao Saheb and Null’s death.

Kalyani comes to Police station and asks someone to locate Anupriya Deshmukh, Aao Saheb, Vivek and Swara. Someone asks if she came so early. She says even you came so early. She finds Malhar’s box there and thinks she might get some clue about her family. She reads a notice for Ahilya Nivas which for Malhar and gets shocked reading it. Later she calls someone. She thinks Aai and others are in the same city. She calls someone and asks to send Malhar Rane, just as he comes. Malhar comes there and says you called me. Kalyani says I come to office at 8 am and asks him to come by 8 am. Malhar says I can’t reach office before 8:15 due to personal reasons. Kalyani says you might have to give time to your wife more than duty. She throws the notice and asks what do you want? She says she has an emotional connection with this house and then also he is getting the house mortgaged. Malhar reads the notice and gets shocked.

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