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My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 8th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 8th May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 8 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Kalyani venting out her anger and saying that her Aai is innocent. She asks who are they to punish my Aai? She breaks the things outside the house and says my Aai didn’t do anything. Malhar comes there in his jeep and asks her to stop. He says I have a way to save Maai. He says I have a plan using which Maai will be saved. Kalyani says she don’t believe. Malhar asks if she is thinking that he is lying and tells that he will produce Aahir in the court and make him give statement that Rachit was involved with the naxals and he was a terrorist. He says we will file mercy petition for Maai. Kalyani asks if Aai will be saved. Malhar says yes. Kalyani says sorry and hugs him. She says she becomes arrogant sometimes. Malhar says sometimes and asks her not to worry.

Swara makes Atharv have food. Atharv tells that the food is spicy and asks for water. Swara gives him water. Aao Saheb scolds her for making him have spicy food. Atharv asks why you are scolding her and tells that he will complain to his Aai and baba. Malhar asks Kalyani about Moksh. Kalyani asks if Sampada will escape from the outhouse, says there are very less chances to elope but. Malhar says once we rescue Maai, we will take Sampada to hospital. Kalyani tries to make Moksh have the food. Atharv comes there and asks them to come as Badi nani is troubling Swara. Malhar gets upset. Kalyani says she will handle him and tells Atharv that she will scold badi nani. Atharv says how to convince Swara and says he will take her recorder. He plays the radio and comes to know about valentine’s day tomorrow. He asks Malhar what he will gift Kalyani. Malhar says nothing. Atharv says you are senior and shall give gift. Malhar gets a call and tells Kalyani that Aahir will be taken to court to give statement against Rachit. Kalyani gets happy and thinks Malhar will free Anupriya.

Aao Saheb meets Anupriya in the lock up and says if you had agreed to my sayings then this day wouldn’t have seen. Anupriya says where I would have gone. She says if I get jailed then what will happen to Kalyani, how she will take it. Aao Saheb says if anything happens to you then I will not forgive Malhar, although I have forgiven him for Rao Saheb’s death.

Kalyani gets a gift for Malhar and thinks he will like it. She sees him coming and wears sweat shirt to hide the gift. Malhar asks her if she remembers what is the day today. Sarthak comes there and hugs Malhar, says he couldn’t have slept since 2 days being worried for Anupriya. He says he will postponed the hearing for some more time till Aahir is brought there. Malhar has also brought the gift for her and hides in his uniform. He asks her why she is wearing the sweat shirt. Kalyani tells that she was feeling cold and that’ why worn her sweat shirt. Malhar tells her a joke and waits for her to say I love you. Kalyani says I hate you. Malhar goes. Kalyani thinks the moment will be special when she says I love you to him and prays that everything shall be fine.

Sarthak talks to the judge and asks her to give sometime to him to produce the witness to the court. Judge tells that she don’t have any waste time to wait for the client. She says your wife has done a murder. Sarthak says he knows Anupriya since many days and she is not a murderer. Kalyani comes there and hears her. She gets violent and throws the things in the judge’s cabin, saying my Aai is not guilty. She is about to hit judge with paper weight, but the judge holds her hand and slaps her hard. Malhar comes there and asks Judge how dare she to slap his wife? He asks Kalyani if she is fine. Judge tells that Kalyani attacked her and she slapped her in self defense. Kalyani says I want to explain to you that my Aai shot Rachit to save Swara from the acid attack. Judge tells her that she can’t save her Aai by saying all this. Malhar says he can file case against the judge. Judge tells that she will not allow violent girl like her and says she will not allow her in the hearing also. Kalyani says you are not understanding the situation. Judge asks Malhar to take Kalyani from there. Malhar takes Kalyani out. Kalyani asks why she is not understanding her and feels pain in her face. Malhar says I can understand your anger and says he is feeling pain in his heart for her.

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