My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 22nd May 2022 Zee World Updates

On My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 22nd May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 22 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Rani brings shirt for Raja, he forwards his hand to her, she smiles while helping him. He holds her closer and asks to stay silent for a while, and hugs her. Rani reminds him of food getting colder. Raja complains she is being a true wife now. She touches her nose with him, and feed him with her own hand, he bites her hand as well. He shuts her eyes, and put a green chilli in her mouth, then runs outside. In the corridor, Rani comes to help him while a cloth from the dargah covers them. Rani happily hugs Raja. Bindu had just arrived and watch then closer, Jeewan stops her saying he would no more let her ruin Raja and Rani’s happiness.

At the dargah, Raja and Rani pray together. A little boy tells them about a prayer, they must write their wish on a paper and put it inside the mud pot; then drink water. Raja had no money, so Rani gives her ring in return of the pot. Both were writing their wishes, Raja peeks into Rani’s letter at which Rani stops him. Both smile towards each other. They put the chits together and hang the pot over a tree, and walk together. Raja takes a moment from Rani, he goes to take blessings from the old man, and return to Rani promising to be a husband she wants. He would get all the happiness for her and Dadu. Rani says she would wait for a day when they will begin a new life.

At home, Amrita and Meenu were worried as there has been no news from Bindu and Jeewan as well. Raja and Rani return; Amrita was elated. Raja gives all the credit to Rani. Rani says she has done this all for herself and her husband. Amrita was cheerful, and thanks her for giving another chance to Raja. Raja heads to leave with Amrita, and asks Rani to take care of himself. Rani hands his medicines, and instructs to take them in time. Meenu was happy for Rani, Rani says that her parents also went on a mazaar where they began their new life, and there she thought she must trust her love which she can’t let broken by anyone.

In the palace, Bindu and Bari Rani Maa were arguing. Bindu accuses Bari Rani Maa for bring responsible for snake bite. She has been helping her to get Raja, not to lose him forever. In the way, Raja finds the men taking new posters for election contests with Bindu’s photos. He was enraged when he enters and finds Bindu attacking Bari Rani Maa. She shouted at Bari Rani Maa she sacrificed everything for Raja, she cried if she has no right over happiness. Bari Rani Maa stood fearful on the staircase. Bindu fell off the stairs, Raja comes to help her. Bindu goes to cut her arms with a knife, Raja holds her in his arms. She weakly says she is happy at least she is dying in front of him, and goes unconscious. Raja holds her.
Rani was praying in the temple, she finds her mangal sooter lying there. Raja had promised her to be a husband she wish for, and puts her mangal sooter in the bag. Meenu comes praying for her friend’s new life. They hug each other.

Jeewan and Meenu were walking beside Rani when they read a banner of Bindu’s contest in elections. Bindu walks from front, with Raja beating drum for her. They come to a confrontation, Rani looks towards Raja with complaining eyes. Bindu wish Rani good luck that she would direly need, as her good luck charm is with her now. A tear fell off Rani’s eyes, Raja drops the sticks and runs behind her. He stops Rani in the way and requests her to hear his reason. He was angry when he came to know Bindu was contesting in elections, but she cut her wrists. He scolded her while in bed, she said she understands he has no place for her and only cares for his Rani. She wants to contest the elections now, but he is disagrees she would withdraw her name. She would leave this house, and as she sat up she fainted again. She weakly asked if he would be with her, she has no one by her side. Raja says he never knew she would get so crazy, but what if she attempts a suicide again would they both be happy again?

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