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My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 1st May 2022 Zee World Updates

Written by TALIBAN

The Episode starts with Malhar telling Kalyani that she is getting real moustache beneath the fake moustache. Kalyani says I don’t have moustache. Malhar says ok, I will try. He says I like you even if you have moustache. He says you are different, mad and one in lakhs. He says sometimes you talk so much that I want to scold you to make you quiet. He says you are world’s 8th wonder and takes out her moustache. Kalyani gets happy and jumps in joy. She thanks him and says I didn’t feel any pain. She says you shall not be Police man, but a barber. Malhar looks at her. Kalyani says you are good being Aurangabad Singham. He thinks there is love in her eyes for him, but why she is not saying. Kalyani thinks once Moksh’s problem gets solved and when Sampada agrees for IVF then she will confess her love to him. Sony dil main ho tum plays…..He turns his face. Kalyani pouts and gives him kiss. Malhar turns towards her. She just smiles and signs him to go. Malhar holds her closer.

Anupriya and Sarthak are in the car decky. Rachit drives the car fast. Sarthak and Anupriya look at each other as they are closer to each other. Rachit stops his car at the secluded place and goes away. Anupriya and Sarthak get down from the car decky. Sarthak says there is nobody here. Anupriya thinks how we will reach Sampada now. Rachit is standing far and looking at them, says nobody has the dare to keep me away from my Kalyani.

Atharv is wearing suit and drinking coconut. He dances with Pallavi and then Aao Saheb on the song Lungi dance…He says Aai Shapath, even today Aao Saheb has the old wine thing in her. Pallavi asks have you gone mad? She asks Aao Saheb if she is fine and scolds Pallavi. Atharv sees Malhar and Kalyani and says hawaldar Saheb, he says I didn’t see you for long time and says Atharv Bapat is back. Aao Saheb says Atharv is back. Atharv says my memory is back. He says I only know how I spent all these days without you. He says I don’t want to play cat and mouse game anymore and wants peaceful life. He says I thought to accept all my crimes and will handover myself to Police, but I will not leave my bitter (better) half, partner in crime and asks where is Sampu? He calls her and says your Atharv is back and asks her to come out. He asks where is my Sampu. He asks where is Sampada bapat and asks her to come out. Anupriya says his memory came back at right time, he can take us to Sampada. Atharv asks Kalyani to say? Kalyani says Sampada ran away and you have to help us locate her.

Atharv sends a video message to Sampada and says I lost my memory for few days and you returned to your husband. He says what about me, I have done so much for you, now I will go to police and will tell them that you are with me in all the crimes. He says I have promised you that we will go everywhere together and will go to jail also. Sampada is shocked and calls Atharv. Atharv says I got my memory back and says I remember how we became rich fooling Mugdha and taking her property. He says I remember that how I used to do things to make you happy. He says I won’t let you go far away from me and says we will unite, but in jail. He says good night and ends the call. He then asks Malhar and Kalyani, if he has done good acting. He says he needs pizza, cold drink and chocolate. Kalyani says I brought it as I know that my Atharv beta will do good acting. Atharv says Aunty got scared seeing my aunty. Malhar says you are our good son and appreciates him. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Atharv didn’t get his memory back and Malhar ji trained him to fool Sampada. Malhar says Sampada might be scared and will do some foolishness. Rachit comes to the hotel. Sampada tells that Atharv got his memory back and tells that she is not afraid of Malhar as he has no proof that she tried to kill Kalyani,. She says she knows Atharv and he will not leave her. Rachit asks her to calm down. Sampada says I was wrong to come in your talks. Rachit asks her to take steps calmly. Sampada says I don’t want to talk to you and says she will go home and talk to Atharv.

Malhar asks Moksh to have food. Moksh says no. Kalyani comes there and tells that Billu will have food listening to songs. She asks him to tell baba. Malhar says you don’t hear song while eating. Moksh nods his head. Kalyani takes him and asks him to give food to her, says they will have food while watching TV. Just then electricity goes, Malhar lights the candle and asks what they will do. Kalyani says they will hear song on mobile and asks him to give his phone. Malhar asks what happened to your phone. Kalyani says my mobile data is finished. Malhar says he will not give his phone and says she will not look good with specs. Kalyani asks Moksh to eat food and sings song. Moksh cries. Sampada is outside the house and waits to go inside. Kalyani thinks how to make Moksh eat food. Malhar sings song jo meri manzilon ko jaati hai…He holds Kalyani’s face and says you didn’t give reply to me. Kalyani says Malhar ji, answer is obviously…..Atharv comes there and asks Malhar to come with him, as he is scared to sleep alone. Malhar says Kalyani. Atharv holds his hand and takes him out. kalyani says her answer is obviously yes and smiles.

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