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My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 18th June 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 18th June 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 18 June 2022 Zee World Updates, Athrav in anger questions Pawar about Sampada asking where she is if he knew about her, Pawar sees that he is wearing a fake beard so he going to Athrav takes it out and then starts accusing him pointing a gun at him, Athrav then hits him causing the gun to fall, they both get in a fight to win the gun.

Sampada exclaims that she has placed all the boxes, Kalyani assures her that Athrav would not come looking for her because he store is closed now and also she can be safe for now but should not worry as she would search for another safe house for her.

Athrav walks up the ladder and locks the gate, the constable starts knocking but he exclaims that the constable should die, he realizes that Sampada would have ran away from the back door wondering where she might have gone.

Kalyani assures Sampada that she should not worry as they would surly find a way, she then asks Kalyani to leave because if someone sees them then their plan would be ruined so she hides under the boxes, Kalyani is standing when she feels that someone has touched her, she in nervousness turns back to find Malhar jee standing behind her who asks what is she doing out of the house, Kalyani reveals that she was trying to find the rocking chair however he forces her to come with him because she is not well and the weather is really hot.

Malhar explains that he has brought more medicines for her from the doctor, Kalyani gets stunned saying that she would not take any more medicines however is shocked to see the ring after opening the packet, Malhar then gets on his knees and places the ring on her finger, he explains that his happiness lies with her so he hugs her, she asks what is the reason that he bought the ring all of a sudden.

Sampada removes the boxes then listens that Athrav is talking with someone inside the house, he is talking with Godavari, instructing her to fulfill the plan which they have discussed in the night because he is looking after the outside matters, Sampada is listening patiently to their conversation thinking that if he takes the name of his accomplice it would be easy for them to find him, he however keeps on finalizing the plan, Godavari mixes some powder in the two glasses of juice exclaiming that Kalyani is with Malhar in their room but would not come out alive.

Malhar shows Kalyani the promotion letter, she reads it out in amazement exclaiming that the drug dealers will now run for their lives because he has taken the charge of narcotics division, Malhar pulling her closer explains that she is the one who has completed his family and is the reason they all are together.

Godavari is spreading poisonous gas in the house along with Avni who asks about Athrav, she explains that he is taking care of the outer side so that Sampada is not able to run from any place, Athrav walks in the store with the machine spreading the smoke, Sampada gets worried and tries to hold her cough exclaiming that this was Athrav’s plan because he wants her to cough and come out the hiding, she however covers her face with the dupatta.

Godavari comes into the room asking Kalyani and Malhar to drink the orange juice which she has made, Malhar questions fi she has made it herself, then asks when she got so much interested in cooking, she explains that she only cooks in her free time, Kalyani along with Malhar drink the entire glass exclaiming that it was really refreshing, Godavari smiles thinking that her plan has fulfilled.

Sampada barely holds her breath but doesnot cough, she then feels that Athrav has went out of the store so walks out of her hiding place however Athrav pushes her from behind, she falls to the ground, he comes to her and starts hugging her tightly even when she doesnot want to be with him mentioning that he got really depressed when he came to know that she had died and even tried to kill himself but then one day got a signal from god that his Sampada is alive so now she has finally come back to him, he exclaims that she doesnot know what he would do to Kalyani and herself, because their plan has ended.

Kalyani and Malhar are both are unconscious on the floor while the room is filling with the smoke, Athrav forcefully brings Sampada out of the store, saying that their plan has ended when someone hits him from behind with a rod, Sampada is shocked to see that it is Anupriya, who explains that she came to know the truth form Goda.

She explains that when she came to the house, it was filled with smoke and she saw Goda with the machine and which is when she saw Kalyani and Malhar on the floor, so she asked them to come and help them, after then she went after Godavari who was in the kitchen with Avni but she caught him and forced her to reveal the entire truth.

Sathak scolds Godavari asking how she could turn against them because Anupriya and Kalyani took care of her and she doesn’t have anyone else beside them, even then she tried to hurt them, Godavari then explains that she lost her sense of thought, he then demands her to reveal the entire so she informs him about Athrav.

Sampada apologizes to Anupriya saying that they both were about to inform her but Athrav ruined their plan, Anupriya sees Athrav waking up so asks Sampada to come with her because if he wakes up then would reveal that she is alive and their chance of getting the custody of Moksh would end, Anupriya takes Sampada with her.

Aau Sahib is talking with the doctor exclaiming that they have given the medicine to them both, she sees that they are waking up, she ends the call, Kalyani asks her what has happened because she only remembers that Godavari gave them both the glass of juice but has forgotten what happened next, Aau Sahib explains that she on the instruction of Athrav gave them sleeping pills, Kalyani and Malhar are both shocked.

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