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My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 15th May 2022 Zee World Updates

On My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 15th May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 15 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Malhar coming to room and calling Kalyani. Kalyani is sleeping. He apologizes to her. He says I wish I could have told you that I was very pained seeing maayi getting jailed. He says all the proofs were against her and I was helpless due to my duty. Kalyani cries. Malhar says I know you are upset and says if you don’t want then don’t talk to me. I know you are awake and ask for forgiveness again. He closes the door and goes. Kalyani cries and thinks how to tell him that I am not upset with him. She asks billu to say what to do. Just then her phone rings. Rachit asks her if she gave good news to Malhar that she is about to become mother of his baby. Kalyani asks him not to threaten her and says you don’t have money or power. She says I will get my Aai freed very soon. Rachit says you gets angry so much and asks her to come to the balcony, says there is a gift for you. Kalyani goes to balcony and sees puppets hanging with the family members pics and cross on it. She falls down shockingly. She then gets up. Kalyani says their lives are in danger, you have to tell Malhar that the baby is mine else see their death, then you will know how much power I have. Kalyani cries and is shocked.

Later Madhav looks after the decoration. Kalyani tells that she will do the decoration. Madhav asks her to take care of moksh and tells that everything will be fine as Sampada agreed for IVF. She turns and sees the men in strange avatar. She shouts and calls Madhav. Madhav tells that they are drama company men and came for Shiv Parvati play. Kalyani thinks it is good that moksh was sleeping else he would have got scared. She thinks baby inside her must be scared and thinks it is of Malhar’s baby. Rachit calls her and says 6 hours passed and you haven’t told Malhar about my baby. He says I thought to remind you. Kalyani says Rachit. Malhar asks Anupriya to sign on the payroll papers and tells that kalyani is getting married. We are getting remarried. He tells that Kalyani doesn’t know about it, as she is upset. He says Kalyani will be happy seeing you with her. He says Pawar will come to take you. He asks are you happy? Anupriya says very much. She says no day could be better than this Maha Shivratri. She says today Shiv and Parvati had got married.

Atharv comes there and tells that he will also wear clothes like them. Madhav scolds him and asks him not to come near her. Sarthak comes there. kalyani tells him that she is also going through the same pain as him and asks why is he avoiding her? Sarthak says matter is about the importance which Anupriya gives to you only and not to anyone else. He says I don’t want any kind of argument and says I will leave. Kalyani says please be part of puja for Aai. Sarthak says I don’t want to talk. He walks away. The drama men are dancing and are about to pierce the sword in Sarthak’s stomach. Kalyani gets worried and runs to save Sarthak. She holds the swords and it breaks. The men ask why she broke the swords. Madhav also asks her. Kalyani says she thought that they want to kill Kaka. Kalyani says this is films effect and goes to room. Just then something is thrown in the room.

Kalyani finds the ball. She opens it and finds Rachit’s note, in which he has written that the men is not his and that he will come to the house surely, may be he is near her. Kalyani thinks he is threatening me falsely and thinks to make sure that he don’t enter her house.

Atharv tells Riddhi that he can’t talk to her much now as he is married to Swara now and she will feel bad. Kalyani closes all the windows and asks Atharv and Riddhi, if they have done the work. Atharv says yes and jumps on the balloon which he kept inside the soil. Kalyani thinks Rachit will be caught now. Malhar brings saree for kalyani and thinks how to convince her for marriage. Kalyani comes there with Atharv and thinks she doesn’t want him to go out. Kalyani and Malhar call Atharv. Kalyani asks him to hear carefully and tells that she don’t want anyone to go out today. Malhar tells that today is Shiv and Parvati’s marriage and asks her to wear saree and jewellery. Atharv says why are you telling me and says I will not wear? Malhar walks towards Kalyani and says it is for…Just then Kalyani hears the balloon bursting and thinks Rachit didn’t go inside, he is still here. She picks the balloon piece.

Malhar comes there and sees the footprint on the wet soil and asks what is this? Kalyani says it is Atharv and Riddhi’s game. She thinks she can’t tell him the truth, else her aai will be in jail forever. A couple comes there and tells that they came from natak mandali and will play Shiv and Parvati’s roles. Malhar says you are already late and says we have hired them. He thinks they will get married as Shiv and Parvati and kalyani will think that it is drama. Madhav talks to someone and tells that the actors are not coming. Malhar says someone can become Shiv and Parvati from the house. Pallavi says Kalyani can become Parvati and asks who can become Shiv. She looks at Madhav? Madhav says I can’t become. Malhar asks her if she couldn’t see him and says even he will contribute to the puja.

Pallavi is working in the kitchen, when Kalyani comes there to take milk. She sees snake in the milk and goes to throw it. She throws it and the snake falls on Malhar. Kalyani gets worried for him and sees mark on his neck. He tries to suck it thinking it as a snake bite. Malhar asks her to see that it is fake snake. Kalyani and malhar look at each other. He asks from where did this snake come in the vessel. Kalyani says may be the drama company actors have brought the props. Malhar says may be. He says I am going and will bring baraat. I want to see you as bride. He reminds her that today is Shiv parvati’s marriage and says you are Parvati and I am Shiv. Kalyani goes. She gets ready as Parvati. Rachit calls her and says your groom will not come to marriage mandap. Kalyani says you will not do anything. She says I will tell Malhar about baby and asks what is the guarantee that you will prove my Aai innocence. Rachit says I promise that I will come infront of everyone and will prove her innocence. Kalyani says I will tell Malhar, just as you asked me to say. She messages Malhar.

Later Swara brings kalyani to the mandap. Kalyani thinks if Malhar read my message or not. Pallavi says how did that fake snake come in milk pot. Madhav says baraat came? Malhar comes there as Shiv ji..Shankara plays…..Aao Saheb does his aarti. Atharv says baba. Kalyani looks at him questionably. Malhar smiles and looks at her. She asks him if he read message on mobile. Malhar asks whose mobile. Kalyani thinks this means that he didn’t read it. Pallavi washes Malhar and Kalyani’s feet. Pandit ji asks someone to gift clothes to Shivji for marriage. Aao Saheb gifts him clothes. Malhar and Kalyani sit for the marriage again after changing their clothes. Kalyani thinks of sending him message asking him to get shocked and angry at her. She thinks Malhar reads the message and Rachit will come infront of her seeing him angry. She whispers to Atharv to get Malhar’s phone. Atharv goes. Malhar thinks when Maai sees our marriage here then Kalyani will be very happy. He thinks Maai has already reached here. Anupriya is in the outhouse when someone throws the fire wood inside.

Pandit ji asks someone to do Parvati maa’s kanyadaan and asks who will come from her family. Aao Saheb says I will do the kanyadaan. Malhar says you don’t need to do kanyadaan as Maai will do Kalyani’s kanyadaan. Kalyani gets surprised. Malhar says Maai came home. Sarthak asks where is she? Anupriya turns and sees the fire catching up in the outhouse blocking the way to outhouse. She shouts calling Malhar and Kalyani. Malhar says she is in outhouse. Everyone gets happy. Anupriya shouts for help. Just then they hear Anupriya shouting for Kalyani and Malhar. They get up from their place and run towards the out house. Rachit calls her and tells that he has read her message, which she sent to Malhar. He says he has Malhar’s phone and that her Aai is punished for her mistake. Kalyani faints and falls down.

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