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My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 13th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 13th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 13 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Aahir that she is Kalyani Rane and not a fool. She says your perfume is so strong that leaves behind the fragrance and says what do you think that I will leave my son here after feeling your presence here. Aahir tries to run. Kalyani holds his collar and says you will go to jail and will not be saved, let Malhar ji come. Aahir asks her to leave him and pushes her. Madhav catches him and slaps him. Aahir says I will forget that you are my Baba and asks him not to make him helpless. He then pushes Madhav on the floor and tries to run. Kalyani catches him and asks him not to run. Just then she sees Madhav getting a heart attack and calls everyone. Aahir plays tape recorder on high volume so that nobody hears Kalyani. Kalyani asks if he has gone mad, tells that Madhav’s condition is bad. Aahir smiles and says he couldn’t hear and asks her to call loudly. He laughs and escapes from the window. Kalyani shouts Aahir, but couldn’t go behind him seeing Madhav closing his eyes and getting unconscious. Aao Saheb sees Aahir in the backyard and calls Anupriya. Aahir threatens to throw her in the well and pushes her down and escapes. Anupriya comes to Aao Saheb and asks what happened? Aao Saheb tells that Aahir threatened and pushed her down. They come to Kalyani’s room and see her sitting at Madhav’s side while he is unconscious. Anupriya switches off the tape recorder. Swara comes there and asks what happened to baba.

Asawari and Malhar are in the jeep. Malhar tells her that Aahir will contact her. Asawari asks Malhar to rest for few days. Malhar says I know Aahir is your son and my brother. Aahir’s auto passes from there, he hides and Malhar looks out of his jeep.

Anupriya tells that Doctor is out of city. Kalyani checks on internet and asks Swara to blow air in the balloon and release the air in Madhav’s mouth when she says. She then presses on his chest and asks Swara to release the balloon air in his mouth. Malhar comes there with Asawari and asks what happened to baba. Kalyani says he got a heart attack and asks swara to continue to give CPR. She comes to other room and recalls Malhar keeping the defibrillator in the almari and telling that it is brought for the training of constables, and is used to restore the heart’s beating. He asks her not to make it fall. Fb ends. Kalyani brings defibrillator there. Malhar asks why did you bring it here, it needs training to be used. Kalyani asks him to wait. Asawari asks Malhar if something happens to your baba. Malhar asks her to let Kalyani do this. Kalyani plugs the wire and keeps the electrodes on his chest to give him a shock. Asawari says he didn’t get his breath back and asks Kalyani to take off the machine. Malhar asks Kalyani to try again. Kalyani prays to Ganapati bappa and asks him to save Madhav. She continues to give him electric shock to revive his heart beating. When he couldn’t breath, Kalyani and others cry. Asawari asks what did you do to him, if you are a doctor? Just then Madhav starts breathing. Malhar checks his pulse and tells Kalyani that baba is breathing and his pulse is normal. He says your idea worked. Kalyani and Malhar smile and he hugs her. Swara also hugs Kalyani.

Doctor comes there later and asks them to give medicine to Madhav. He asks them not to let any kind of shock reach him and goes. Kalyani says sorry to Malhar and tells that she failed yet again. She says Aahir came again to hurt our Billu, but he escaped. Malhar says when baba and our son is fine then everything is fine. Kalyani hugs him. Malhar keeps his hand on her head. Anupriya smiles.

Aao Saheb calls Pallavi and asks if she found the medicine else get it from the market. Malhar comes to Aao Saheb and gives her spray and medicine. Aao Saheb takes it from his hand and tells that domestic violence accusation on you was false, and apologizes to him. Malhar hears her and goes. Kalyani smiles.

Later Kalyani tells Malhar that why Kaka went suddenly? Malhar says he must be feeling ashamed and wanted to stay alone for few days. He says loneliness will be good for few days. Kalyani says he should have left Aai alone. Malhar says both of them love each other and this timely separation can’t harm their relation. He asks kalyani to return her friend’s money and says who helps another with so much money and asks her to convey thanks to him. He asks her about the job placement tomorrow. Kalyani says you forget important things conveniently. He asks I…and holds her hand. He checks the time and wishes her happy marriage anniversary. Kalyani gets happy and smiles.

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