My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 12th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 12th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 12 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Rachit that the new turn in life was good, Malhar ji, Billu and Aai came in my life. She says Aai never let me miss my Aai after Madhuri left. She says they are the best thing happened to me, I can’t spend a day without them. Rachit says there is something in Malhar, but he is not expressive, but loves you a lot. Kalyani says atombomb and smiles. Malhar sees Kalyani and his pics and thinks of Rachit dancing with her. He recalls Rachit’s confession. He looks at her pic. Kalyani comes there. Malhar keeps the phone down. Kalyani asks if he is not happy with Swara’s sakarpura, as he thinks that it is helplessness for her. She says she might have agreed for Madhav, but uday might be the right person for her. She says let Sakarpura happen, if you still think that she is helpless then I will talk to Madhav and break this alliance. Malhar asks why she is saying this as she has also learnt to be in the forced marriage. He says if you had married with your wish, then I wouldn’t have been part of your life. He asks her. Kalyani is shocked. She holds his hand and keeps on her heart. She asks if he felt something. Malhar says this is childishness, when you keep hand on heart then only heart beat will be felt. Kalyani tells that our relation beat will beat in my heart till my last breath. She says you have named our relation as compromise. She says you will say that I am talking filmy, but what to do, when she gets emotional, she talks filmy. She cries looking at him. Tere bin song plays…..Kalyani tells him that she has to go to boil milk for Moksh. She gets up to go and asks him not to talk such nonsense things with her. She says she will get angry and will go missing, then keep searching her. Malhar thinks I know you have given your everything to this relation, but like me, our relation is forced on you. Pawar calls Malhar and tells that Aahir requested to make a phone call. Malhar says tap his phone. Aahir makes a call and says 40 L. Two police officers come there and tells that they have transfer orders of Aahir. Pawar sees it and let Aahir go with them.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that she called the dhobis to complete the target else Rachit will cut our salary. Rachit says I will not cut Aunty’s saree, but yours. Kalyani says she will give demo to them. Malhar comes to the Police station and asks about Aahir. Pawar shows the papers and tells that Inspector Mohite took him. He tells that Aahir made a phone call and said 40L. Atharv calls Malhar and asks what is his kurta size. Kalyani says 40L. Malhar understands and tells that Aahir is using clothes’ size code. Real Police office Mohite comes and shows the papers. Malhar is shocked and tells pawar that those inspectors were faked. Kalyani shows the demo of the detergent powder to the dhobis. The dhobis turn out to be naxals and they aim gun at Kalyani. Kalyani asks who are you? She hits them holding the bucket and rod, and tries to run, calls Rachit. They keep hand on her mouth and asks her not to make sound. Kalyani hits them, but one of the naxal hit on her head and she faints. Rachit comes out and thinks why there is no sound. He sees the dhobis keeping Kalyani in the cloth and tying it. He says what the hell and comes there. He fights with them. The naxals/goons beat Rachit and make him faint. They take Kalyani with them and leave Rachit there.

Atharv comes to Anupriya and tells that Moksh is crying as if he is missing Aai. Anupriya asks Swara to check the clothes and take selfie trying it. She takes Moksh and asks him to see spider man. Atharv goes to call Kalyani. Anupriya thinks why she didn’t come till now and hopes she is fine. She picks the jewellery set and gets her finger injured. She thinks if Kalyani is injured.

Pawar takes Malhar to the place where Aahir called. They check the place and couldn’t find anything, rather than clothes. Pawar says phone is here, Aahir called on this number. Malhar picks the receiver and asks Pawar to get all call records of the phone. He comes out and Kalyani’s mangalsutra falls down from his hand. He thinks he fought with Kalyani unnecessarily, thinks to go home and give Kalyani’s mangalsutra to her. The naxals are taking kalyani in the tempo and sees Malhar on the road. They speed up the tempo. Malhar gets doubtful.

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