My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 10th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 10th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Wednesday 10 April 2022, The Episode starts with Asawari getting Aahir’s call. Sarthak and Rachit look at her mobile. Sarthak asks Rachit to message Kalyani. Later Asawari comes out to meet Aahir. Aahir asks Aai, did you bring property papers? Pawar and Rao put light on his face and aim gun at him. Aahir says Aai…you. Asawari says I have no other way. Kalyani, Sarthak and Rachit are standing there. Kalyani comes near Aahir and slaps him hard on his face. She says you wanted to make me away from Malhar ji, asks if he has that much strength. She says there is no power in the world that keeps Kalyani away from Malhar. She says there is no Kalyani without Malhar. She grabs his collar and says you have beaten my Malhar so much. She kicks him and slaps him repeatedly, saying she will torture him and will take revenge for Malhar. She takes rod and beats him. She says today you will not be saved for beating and torturing my Malhar ji. She says I will take revenge from you. Just then the naxals come there and hit on Pawar and Rao’s head and make them faint. Kalyani and others are shocked to see Naxals surrounding them. Aahir laughs and gets up. He says I am always two steps ahead of you and tells that it is your mistake that you didn’t identify the naxals at home who came as guests. He says I understood when Aai called me and was hesitant to speak. He says everyone here is our hostage now and the hostage drama will start now. He asks Kalyani if she has fun and asks Naxals to take the them inside.

They come inside and keep everyone hostage. Aahir asks Sarthak to stand quietly else he will be killed too. Mamta smiles. Aahir asks Aao Saheb to says ‘stop it’ now. He then asks Asawari to help his naxals friends and says everyone shall be locked in different rooms. Madhav asks if she will help her son. Asawari asks him to stop shouting and shouts at him. She says blood is blood. She says she is his mother and is with her son. Madhav sits in shock. Aahir tells Kalyani that you will marry Rachit tomorrow itself. Aao Saheb looks at Kalyani.

Later Malhar comes home and sees Naxals outside his house. He thinks they reached here also. He understands that they have kept the family members hostage. Aahir takes Kalyani and Sampada to room. He asks Kalyani not to show smartness, says he is giving her a chance again to become a bride. Mamta smiles. The naxals take Rachit, Aao Saheb, Aparna in the room. Rachit says where is Madhuri and Kalyani, says if anything happens to them then I can make a phone call and get you arrested. The naxal hits him. Asawari and Aahir take Sarthak, Madhav, Atharv, Swara and Anupriya to room. Madhav says you are doing wrong. Asawari says it is your mistake, and says you didn’t care for Aahir and cared for Malhar and Swara. Sarthak gets a call from orphanage and came to know that she escaped from the orphanage. The naxal hits him and take the phone. Madhav asks who is Riddhi? Sarthak says she is his friend’s daughter and stays in Ashram after her parents’ death. Aahir gets a call and comes to know that Malhar escaped from their captivity. Riddhi comes to Rane’s house to meet Sarthak and sees Malhar hitting the Naxal and making him unconscious. She thinks why did that uncle hitting this man. She asks Naxal to open his eyes and thinks to inform Papa. She takes phone from naxal, to call Sarthak and sees Malhar’s photo on it. She thinks Policemen are not bad, then why did he hit this man.

Kalyani asks Moksh not to cry. Sampada says today your Aai and mummy are with you. Mamta says it seems like he came to know what is happening here. She says he might be hungry. Kalyani gets up to get biscuits from the room and sees Malhar. She is about to call his name, but stops. She gives biscuits to Sampada and tells Madhuri and her that Malhar ji came here to save us all. She says may be Aahir doesn’t know about him. She says Billu, your baba came and tells that Aahir’s game is over. Aahir sees the girl and asks who are you and what did you do with him? Riddhi says I didn’t do anything, that bad police uncle did this. She says I came here to search my Baba. Aahir asks who was that Police uncle? Riddhi shows Malhar’s pic on mobile. Aahir asks where did he go? Riddhi shows the side. Malhar comes near the window and hits the naxal. Kalyani thinks Malhar ji reached here, I have to help him, but how?

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