My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 9th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 9th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 9 April 2022, The Episode starts with Mamta telling Kalyani that she wanted to dance and celebrate the daughter’s happiness. Anupriya says even she will dance and is her mother. Both Mamta and Anupriya dance on the Pinga Pori song. Kalyani and Rachit are seated and look at their dance. Guests and family members watch their dance too. Anupriya forwards her hand towards Mamta. Mamta holds her hands. They dance. Mamta’s artificial hand come in Anupriya’s hand and the latter falls down. Anupriya recalls how the magnet got attracted to her hand. Kalyani comes to Mamta and says Madhuri. Anupriya looks shocked.

Malhar is in the naxal’s captivity and tries to get the keys. The naxal comes there and asks him not to show any smartness. Mamta is about to go, but Anupriya stops her and says why you are running away, says I will not let you go and asks her to stop. Mamta pushes her and is about to go. Anupriya asks her to answer her and holds her. Kalyani comes there and sees Anupriya holding Mamta. Anupriya tells Kalyani that Madhuri is hiding something. Mamta says she is not hiding anything. Kalyani asks her to tell what happened to her hand. Mamta says when I was in the hospital, I came to know that I lost one hand and tried to commit suicide, but Doctor made me understand and got me this artificial hand. She says she didn’t want anyone to feel sympathy for her and that’s why she hid this fact. She says she don’t want anyone to call her handicapped. Kalyani says nobody will call you handicapped, you are my Madhuri. She hugs her and asks her to come with her. Anupriya looks shocked and upset.

Mamta goes with Kalyani. Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that she understand his pain and asks her to understand Kalyani’s pain, says she is marrying Rachit to save Malhar. Anupriya says I want to tell you about madhuri. Aparna and Sampada come there. Aparna says why you didn’t tell us about Malhar, says Pawar’s wife told them. Malhar manages to get the key in his hand and keep it in his mouth, hearing the door opening sound. The naxal comes inside and asks Malhar to eat the food. He says I will make you eat the food and asks him to open his mouth. Malhar turns his face. Naxal frees his hand so that he can have food. Malhar holds his neck and twists it. Naxal falls down. Malhar takes out key from his mouth and says I will see that Mamta. Kalyani comes to Sarthak and asks if someone came to steal papers. Just then he gets an alert and sees blanket clad person stealing the papers from his room. Kalyani says so this is the person helping Aahir. They don’t see his face. Sarthak says we shall expose this person.

Pallavi says I didn’t believe that Madhuri is alive. Aao Saheb says Kalyani is marrying Rachit to save Malhar. She asks Sampada to take care of Moksh and help Kalyani. She says don’t know what will happen to Moksh after Kalyani and Rachit’s marriage. Kalyani and Sarthak come out and asks the person to stop. She comes near the person and asks not to elope. She removes the blanket and sees the person’s face shockingly. The lady is none other than Asawari and not Mamta. Kalyani says SB. Malhar runs out while the naxals follow him. Malhar hides. The naxal is about to see him and asks other naxal to call Aahir and tell him that ACP escaped. Kalyani says so you was helping Aahir since so many days and asks why did you do this? Sarthak asks why you are helping a criminal, who stood against Malhar. He says do you know what will be the result if Malhar comes to know this. Asawari asks him to believe her, tells that she broke her relation with Aahir since he left the house. She says Aahir called her today and said that he wants these papers else he will kill Malhar.

Sarthak says you are lying surely. Kalyani asks what did you do, says Aahir is the person trying to hurt Malhar ji, when Madhav got heart attack, Aahir didn’t turn to look at him. She says Malhar ji is in problem because of him. Asawari says today only I got a call from him asking help. Kalyani says I don’t believe you, and asks him to call Aahir and asks him to come home to take the papers. She says if you don’t do this, then I have to call Police and say that you are helping a naxal. Rachit says let him come, he will not be saved. Sampada comes there and takes Kalyani to room. Kalyani asks Sampada to take care of Moksh until Malhar returns. She says she couldn’t spend time with her Billu because of the happenings. Sampada takes Billu and tells Kalyani that’s he will win this time too. Malhar covers blanket on the naxals and beat them.

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