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My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 30th April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 30th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 30 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani reading Sampada’s letter to Malhar in which she has written that to save Moksh, they have to give birth to their second baby. She writes that she will return home only if he decorates the house and makes the mandap ready for their marriage. Kalyani reads this and cries badly. Malhar hugs her and cries. She recalls Malhar assuring her that he will convince Sampada for IVF. She goes from there. Moksh starts crying. Anupriya takes him. Malhar asks what happened to him. Anupriya says I will take him to Kalyani. Malhar takes Moksh and tells that Kalyani is angry with me and her anger is justified. He says I told her that I will convince Sampada for IVF, but I couldn’t keep up my promise. Anupriya says Kalyani understands your helplessness and is not upset.

Moksh continues to cry. They hear mouth organ sound coming from lawn. They all go there and see the decoration to cheer up moksh. Kalyani as Charlie chaplin, Swara, Riddhi and atharv as cartoon characters dance on the song itni si khushi….Kalyani and Malhar dance to cheer up Moksh. Moksh laughs seeing her dancing. Itni si khushi plays…They all get happy and cheerful. Malhar sees Sampada’s call on his mobile and goes out. He picks the call and asks what do you think of yourself. Sampada says you are not in a position to shout, you have no other option than to marry me. She asks why you are silent? Kalyani comes there with Moksh and puts the call on loudspeaker.

Sampada asks Malhar if he fixed their marriage date. Kalyani laughs and asks marriage. She says so many marriages have happened here that we are not excited about any more marriage. She asks her to leave her thought of marriage. Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that Kalyani came on her track. Sampada tells that Moksh is still in danger. Malhar says you are threatening us again and again. Kalyani asks Moksh to say. Moksh says something. Kalyani says you wouldn’t have understand and tells that she understands his language. She says Billu asked you to go to hell and told that his Baba has only one wife Kalyani Malhar Rane. Malhar smiles. Kalyani tells her that Malhar will search you and will get you jailed for attempting to kill me. She asks her to agree for IVF or go to jail. Sampada says Moksh…Malhar and Kalyani say nothing will happen to our son. Sampada ends the call. Malhar tells Kalyani that he will search Sampada and will not marry her.

Anupriya is standing on the road. Sarthak comes in car and gets down. He asks if she is going to temple to pray for Moksh and asks her to come with him, says we will pray together for Moksh. They sit in the car and going, when Anupriya sees Rachit’s car and asks him to stop the car. She says this is Rachit’s car. She gets down from the car and comes near Rachit’s name. She checks if he is inside. Sarthak asks her not to risk her life and says I will inform Malhar. Anupriya says this is Rachit’s car. She sees Rachit coming and opens the car decky to get inside. Sarthak asks what is she doing? Anupriya says she is sure that Rachit will go to Sampada and tells that this is the matter of my daughter’s life. Sarthak says this is the matter of my wife’s life and he also gets inside the car decky. Rachit comes to the car and drives off.

Malhar calls Kalyani and comes to her. She is sitting under the tree and crying. He says what happened? He says I was happy that you made Sampada’s mouth shut and here you are crying. Kalyani says this time you will leave me. Malhar asks what are you saying, he says you had left me and had hidden a big truth from me. He says I confessed my love to you and you didn’t reply to me. You are saying that I will leave you for Sampada. Kalyani says not for Sampada, but for this and shows the moustache on her face. He says who will stay with moustached wife. Malhar looks at her and laughs. Kalyani asks if he will leave her really and gets upset. Malhar gets serious and comes near her. He again laughs seeing her making faces.

Kalyani refuses to talk to him and acts childish. She asks if you will leave me? Malhar says this time you are right, even I can’t stay with your moustache. Kalyani asks if you will leave me really. Malhar says I got this mad girl after much difficulty. He tries to get it out and says real moustache is coming. Kalyani says she don’t have real moustache. Malhar says I will try to take it out. He says he likes her always even she has moustache all life. He says you are mad, different and one in lakhs. He says sometimes you talks nonsense that I want to scold you and make you quiet. He says sometimes you becomes so strong that I feel safe and sometimes you do childish things, then I have to take care of you. He keeps hand on her moustache and tries to get it out. Kalyani gets lost in her talks. Jiya Jaye naa plays…..

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