My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 2nd April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 2nd April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 2 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Aahir to shoot at him if he don’t trust him (her). Aahir asks his men to search Raghu. The naxal bring the tempo there. They tie Malhar to the tree and are about to load the bags in the truck. The boys shiver inside the bags. Kalyani asks Aahir what is in the bag? Aahir says explosives for blast and tells that it will be kept inside the elephant and will reach our partners, and nobody will know. Kalyani appreciates his plan. She comes to malhar and tells that they can rescue the children. Malhar asks her to take Atharv and kids from there. Kalyani says she will not leave without him. Aahir tells that he will check the bag once. He checks the bag and sees RDX. He smiles. Kalyani thinks it is Bappa’s miracle that he checked the bag with RDX only. Aahir gets a call and tells that all bags are loaded. He asks his men to hurry up. Raghu tries to free himself. Kalyani thinks how to save Atharv and Malhar. Raghu frees himself and thinks to inform Aahir that the kids are in the bag. He runs to come there. The truck is loaded. Malhar signs Kalyani. Kalyani walks towards Aahir to snatch his gun. Raghu comes running there and tells Aahir that the kids are in the bags, and Sardar is with ACP.

Aahir is shocked. Kalyani tries to snatch his gun. Her fake beard comes out revealing his face. Aahir pulls beard and moustache from her face. Malhar manages to untie his hands. Aahir says Kalyani. You will not be saved. Aahir is about to shoot Kalyani when Malhar snatches gun from the naxal and shoots at Aahir’s hand. He beats the naxals and asks Kalyani to leave from here. She asks her not to let the tempo go. Kalyani pulls the driver out and asks Malhar to come with her. Malhar asks her to go with the kids. Kalyani says I will not leave you. Malhar gives his promise to her. Kalyani says I will return. Malhar stops Naxals and fights with them. Aahir asks them to stop Kalyani from taking the tempo. Atharv jumps inside and calls Malhar inside.

:Raghu hits on Malhar’s head and makes him faint. Aahir asks them to tie Malhar and tells that they have to leave soon from there, asks someone to get the bandage. Kalyani drives off and stops after covering some distance. She gets down from the truck and asks God until when Malhar ji will suffer. She asks Atharv to take the kids out from the bag. They take the kids out. Pawar and Rao come there. Kalyani asks Pawar to drop the kids to their homes and tells that she is going back to Malhar ji. Pawar says Rao will drop them and says he will come with her. They reach the place where naxals had kept him captive, but finds nobody there. Aahir talks to Sarkaar and says sorry. He says we are taking Malhar to a place where Kalyani will never search him. Atharv tells Kalyani that they will find Baba and tells that he is strong. He says you said that there is no Kalyani without Malhar…KalMa and tells that we will search him, he is my baba. Kalyani cries.

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