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My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 23rd April 2022

Written by TALIBAN

On My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 23rd April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 23 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Anupriya that it is good that Kaka and you have won and will spend time in canopi tonight. Anupriya says no and tells that who will stay with you. Kalyani asks her not to take tension, says that she has made arrangements to spend night somewhere. She asks her to enjoy time with kaka. She says she didn’t expected Malhar ji to accept Sampada so soon, says it is good that they are uniting for Moksh, but I have a weird feeling, how did he change his feelings. Sampada asks Rachit to stop Malhar’s transfer else everyone will know everything. Malhar hears them on his headphone and says tell why you both have blackmailed Kalyani. Sampada says I will tell Malhar that you gave me money so that I can live my life happily. She says I will also say about Moksh….Rachit keeps hand on her mouth and asks her to keep her mouth shut. He says even walls have ears, I will use my source and stops his transfer, till then close your mouth else my game will be over.

Malhar is shocked and takes Moksh…He asks why your Mamma left us and says she might have told you everything. He says I wish you could speak and says I will bring your Kalyani, your mamma back.

Riddhi tells Sarthak that she really enjoyed well and knew that she will make that uncle lose. Sarthak is sad. Riddhi asks why you are sad? Sarthak says I remembered old friend and goes. Riddhi thinks Papa needs a friend. She checks message on his phone, in which it is written, if you are single then message and send address. Riddhi sends the address and thinks Papa will never be sad.

Rachit comes to Kalyani and says I couldn’t win, although I tried a lot. He says my love doesn’t need competition, I will prove it. He asks her to wear it and says you will look beautiful. Kalyani is about to throw it, but stops seeing Malhar. Malhar says kalyani’s new husband brought diamond for her and says she don’t like it. Kalyani says diamond is girl’s best friend and says she likes it, says you haven’t brought anything for me. Malhar gets cough and goes inside the room. Rachit says I know you have accepted this necklace as Malhar was here. He asks her to come and sleep in his room, says I will not cross my limits.

Kalyani comes outside Malhar’s room and sees him searching cough syrup. Malhar goes. Kalyani comes inside and talks to Billu, saying she won’t let anything happen to him. She asks him to take care of him and baba and give him cough syrup. She hears Malhar coming and runs out. Malhar comes back and finds the cough syrup. He sees Kalyani hiding and thinks windows and wall can’t me from you. He says I am going out and goes. Kalyani climbs down the balcony. Moksh waves his hand to sign bye. Kalyani smiles.

Sarthak asks Malhar why did he decide to stay with Sampada? Malhar says I have decided. Sarthak reminds him that Sampada gave him a big betrayal. Sampada comes there with til laddoo and hears them. Malhar says Kaka? Sampada says its ok, I understand. She asks him to have sesame laddoos and asks him to finish all. He puts the laddoo in his mouth and asks Sampada to go and feed Moksh. Sampada looks at him eating and goes. Sampada comes to Moksh and says drink milk and sleep silently. She says I am not like kalyani Aai. She says Malhar has to come near me as I have added sleeping pills in all the laddoos. Malhar takes out the laddoo from his mouth, checks inside and finds medicine. He thinks he knows Sampada well. He takes the laddoos out to throw it, but he leaves one laddoo by mistake.Sarthak comes and eats the leftover laddoo.

Rachit talks to Sampada and tells that Kalyani is not understanding his love and hiding somewhere. He says he wants her to show some efforts towards him. Kalyani tells Atharv and Anupriya that she will hide in the grass house. She asks Anupriya to enjoy evening with Sarthak. Sarthak comes out of house and gets a call that she got message from him. Sarthak asks now and gives his address. He starts feeling dizzy and comes to the canopi. The lady is sitting in the canopi and gets up seeing him coming. The girl says she is Pooja. Sarthak says he is married and asks her to go. She says if I come from far then will benefit something. Anupriya comes there and is shocked to see him with the lady.

Atharv tells Moksh that he knows where is Aai hiding from that bad uncle. Sampada hears and calls Rachit. Kalyani is in the grass hut in the outhouse, when someone knocks on the door. She asks who is here and thinks if Rachit came to know that I am hiding here.

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