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My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 21st May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 21st May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 21 May 2022 Zee World Updates, Rani cries Raja’s name, she looks up to complain the God. There was a mosque nearby, and call for prayer. An old man passing by comes to see Raja and says now only Peer Baba can save him. Rani prays inside a tomb. The men there take her outside, she notices her missing mangal sooter and cries she asked him to go away but not so far. Inside, the old man tells Rani his poison is going, but she needs to put this herbal ointment over his body. Rani asks if he will be fine. The old man recalls Rana ji bringing Gayatri here, and asks Rani to pray whole heartedly. There was a man 20 years ago who brought his wife, not the medicine but his prayers made her well.
In the palace garden, Jeewan, Meenu and Raaj Mata wonder where Rani must have taken Raja. Bindu was worried that the snake was very poisonous, how must Raja be. They all suspect her, Jeewan questions how she know it’s poisonous, then consoles Raaj Mata.

Rani puts the medicine all over Raja’s body, and cries praying for him. An old lady was carrying a huge bag of vegetables whom Rani helps. The old lady tells Rani if someone prepares food with own hands and feed people here, even dead get live. Rani prepares food in the kitchen and serves the people there. A lady blesses her for her husband, Raja opens his eyes gradually. Rani faints while kneading of flour. He wakes up and turns to leave, the old men stop him as he is weak. Raja says he has hurt the girl a lot, but she saved his life; he needs to go to apologize her. The old man prays for their pure love. Raja was about to walk over nail bed, a man stops him but Raja says may be along with blood, his sins also wash away. His feet bleed as he walks on, Raja only remember about himself with Bindu and Rani being angry with him.

Rani comes there, screaming at him and drags him down the nail bed. She cries asking if he is in his senses, she is saving his life, and he is only after losing it. She cleans the blood off his feet on a side, while crying badly. She shouts at him if he is crazy, he has swear to tease her; she would be hurt if he is in pain. Raja holds her arm at once, and stares into her eyes and cries in front of her asking for apology. Rani hugs him tightly. She cries, happily forgiving him and confess her love for him. Both cry, Raja cups her face and kiss her forehead.
Bindu was worried where Rano took Raja. Jeewan says that Raja doesn’t need her, as Rani can take care of him. Bindu says had Rani loved him, she wouldn’t leave him.
There, Rani asks why he broke her heart. Raja explains he wasn’t in his senses, but when he woke up he couldn’t meet eyes with himself. Rani says if Raja is not there, there won’t be Rani. She has always loved him, and has forgiven him.

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