My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 18th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 18th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 18 April 2022, The Episode My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 18th April 2022starts with Kalyani coming to the procession, thinking it as religious, but it is actually Naxals. Aahir looks at her. Anupriya tells that she is still Deshmukh and this marriage is forced on her. She says she will talk to Aao Saheb about freeing from this unwanted marriage. Sarthak comes there and gets shocked hearing this. He drops the bouquet shockingly. Anupriya walks stepping on it and thinks nobody is here to understand my heart. She wishes to tell kalyani about Sarthak’s daughter, but even that is not in her destiny. Aahir turns his face before Kalyani could see him. Malhar struggles to free himself. Kalyani folds her hands and prays to Sai baba to protect Malhar and help her find him. Malhar sees her through the van glass window. Kalyani looks at the Sai baba’s pic stick there. Malhar tries to call Kalyani, but his mouth is tied. Aahir tells the naxal that Kalyani shall not know that Malhar is inside the van. Malhar hits his head on the car window to break it, but Kalyani doesn’t hear him. Malhar’s voice is not heard by Kalyani. Rachit comes there searching Kalyani. Malhar sees him. Rachit takes Kalyani from there. Aahir keeps the gun back seeing them going. Kalyani senses Malhar’s presence there and turns towards the van. Malhar looks at her. Kalyani couldn’t see him and tells Rachit that she is feeling Malhar near her, but couldn’t find him.

Rachit says I can understand. He takes Kalyani to his car and they leave. Malhar struggles to free himself. Madhuri opens the rope tied to his mouth. They jump off the car. Aahir and the naxal catch him. Malhar holds Madhuri’s hand and runs with her. He tells Madhuri that he is her Damad, Kalyani’s husband. Madhuri asks if she has any daughter. Malhar handovers the paper in her hand and tells that he had written address on it, asks her to go to Aurangabad and ask anyone about his home. Meanwhile the naxals come there. Malhar asks her to run. Madhuri refuses. Malhar asks her to run. Aahir asks the naxal to catch her. Madhuri runs. Malhar kicks the naxal. Aahir and Malhar start fighting. Aahir shoots at Malhar. Kalyani senses Malhar is in danger and shouts his name. Malhar falls down unconscious in the jungle. Aahir and the naxal look at each other. The naxal asks what did you do, have you gone mad, if sarkaar comes to know then he will get angry. We have to take him to a local hospital.

Rachit tells Kalyani that nobody can touch Malhar. Kalyani says my 6th sense can’t be wrong for Malhar ji and says he is hurt. He asks if we shall in the hospital for him. She says they will take him to a small hospital. Madhuri comes infront of Madhav’s auto and falls down. She asks who am I? She then begin searching for the note which Malhar had written for her. Madhav says you are injured and takes her to the hospital. Aahir tells Doctor to check Malhar neither he nor his hospital will be saved. They take Doctor on gun point. Kalyani and Rachit come to the same hospital and searches for Malhar. Malhar is unconscious. Doctor takes out the bullet and bandages him. Madhav takes Madhuri to the same hospital and asks Nurse to get her treatment done. Doctor tells Aahir that bullet touched him and went. Aahir asks him not to tell anyone and tells that they have to leave. Kalyani senses something and turns, but Madhuri gets inside the ward by the nurse. Aahir and the naxal keeps Malhar inside the stretcher and is about to take him. Madhuri is in the ward. Kalyani hopes he is fine. She looks at Madhuri and is shocked.

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