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My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 17th June 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 17th June 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 17 June 2022 Zee World Updates, In the night Athrav exclaims that the time for waiting has ended, Sampada in the veil exclaims that when it is lifted he would not be able to believe it, Kalyani prays to god that there be some miracle so Athrav doesnot find the truth about them, Athrav exclaims that he cannot wait to see her face so walks close to the bed, Kalyani wonders what can she do so throws so balls which causes Athrav to fall with his head hitting the chair, he gets unconscious.

Kalyani jumps on the bed of Sampada who is tensed asking how did Athrav fell, Kalyani however says that there is no time to explain and taking the hand of Sampada gets to the door when she realizes that their feet have created imprints on the floor which is filled with powder, she is able to remove the imprints and takes rushes out of the room with Sampada.

Kalyani enters another room with Sampada, who questions what has happened and how did Athrav fell, she explains that he is really clever and had filled the entire room with powder to find if there were two people in the room, so she had to wipe them out.

Athrav wakes up with severe pain in his head, he seeing the powder realizes that there is something wrong, exclaiming that Kalyani is really clever because she completely ruined the powder however walking near the bed sees that there are two sets of footprints so he realizes that his suspicion was true and there was more then one person in the room.

Kalyani exclaims to Sampada that she would have to be careful and must not leave the room as he would try to find her, Sampada asks what the plan is because she cannot think of anything else.

Athrav exclaims that she might have been in a hurry as the patches of powder made by her feet are in the entire house and are going to the outhouse, he opens the door which signals Kalyani and Sampada, he opens the door of the room however doesnot see anyone in the room, Kalyani along with Sampada are hiding behind a pile of boxes, Sampada asks what would they do now, Kalyani says that even she doesnot know the plan but that she would have to remain hidden from him.

Athrav sees the prints in the room however wonders where they could have gone as they came into the room, he leaves after not being able to find them, Kalyani breathes a sigh of relief after he leaves.

Anupriya questions Godavari what was she doing buying the pills from the medicine shop and what need did she have for the contraceptive pills, Godavari thinks that she was mixing these pills on the orders of Athrav, Anupriya says that she is waiting for her answer, she should not think that she would make a fool of her because she is not the same Anupriya, who she can make a fool off, Godavari explains that she has bought these medicines for her friend who is married but doesnot want a baby and if she desires then can call her friend, Anupriya explains that she would surely call and calm herself.

Athrav exclaims that they have come to know that Sampada is alive and now should wait to find her, he advises Avni to keep acting as a mad women, she explains that she fears they would catch her if she keeps on acting however he responds that he doesnot have any answer but she should keep on acting, he gets a call on the second mobile and says that he only gets a call when there is a problem, they answer it and Anupriya asks if she has asked Godavari to buy the pills for her, Avni acts as if she had asked Godavari, so requests Anupriya to not inform her husband, she then ends the call, leaving the room after instructing Godavari to say to her friend that it is not right to keep such a secret from her husband.

Athrav explains that once they get a hold of Sampada then it would be easy for him to prove in the court how she kept her child scared because of her act and how can such a woman take care of her child so exclaims that Kalyani would not get the custody of Moksh.

Kalyani is in the hall, Athrav comes after her, she thinks that he can become suspicious but would not be able to find any proof, he also thinks that she has come to know that he is suspicious so would be even more careful, Athrav comes close to her however she says that she is Kalyani and he should not dare come near her, he exclaims that how good is it because she gets the soul of Sampada at any time then does she know where her soul is wandering, Kalyani gets mad asking if he thinks that she knows lives with the soul, he leaves after laughing.

Kalyani is in the room when Malhar comes with Moksh, he explains that he threw the ring and it fell on the largest chocolate, she asks where di it go, Moksh replies that he ate it, Malhar asks why did she not attend his call, she replies that she went with Ayi to the market, Malhar however says that Moksh told him that she went someone else, she immediately retracts her statement, Malhar asks what is she worried, asking if she thinks that the soul of Sampada would get in her body because ever since she has taken the necklace then there has not been any such incident. Kalyani thinks that she is worried about what Athrav would do next.

In the morning the police constable is walking when a Pandit comes to him saying that he was sent by the Pandit jee to place the band on the hand of Sampada however the police constable says that he is mistaken because she has died however he asks the constable to not worry and asks the Pandit jee if he feels so the constable calls the Pandit je who explains that he is his disciple and was sent because he had to go out of the city, after the call ends, pandit jee remembers how he was scared by Athrav who threatened to kill him, the constable then decides to call Kalyani and tries however when she is able to answer, Avni pushes her mobile and it submerges in water, she starts laughing however Kalyani is really worried, she then texts Athrav saying that the work is done, he heads with the constable to the outhouse.

Athrav asks the constable where is Sampada, he advises her to be quiet because she is hiding, they open the door then Athrav wonders where she is because he searched the entire outhouse, the constable opens the lid of the box explaining there is a secret room underneath it where she is hiding they both enter however cannot find Sampada.

Kalyani is running with Sampada, she exclaims how they were able to survive because Pandit jee informed her on the second mobile about the plan of Athrav however she cannot understand why the police constable did not call, Sampada asks her what she can do now, Kalyani advises her to break her sim card but Sampada is worried where she would live now.

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