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My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 12th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 12th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 12 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Pawar to make Malhar sit on the scooty and ties him with stole. She thinks he might fall down and get hurt. She rides the scooty and asks him to hold her tightly and talks to him continuously to make him conscious. She asks if Aahir will be caught. She says I have full confidence on yourself and asks him not to take tension. She asks if he is feeling drowsy and tells that once he is caught, we will go to Shimla, as she likes ice very much. She asks him not to get afraid of injection and tell her if he finds medicine to be bitter, tells that she will make him have medicine mixed with chocolate. They reach the hospital. She unbuttons his shirt while the song plays mile hai tum humko bade naseebon se….she takes off his shirt with much difficulty.

She hugs him and cries, looking at his wound. They look at each other. The song continuous to play. Doctor tells that all nurses are leave and tells that he is lucky as the bullet came out of his body. She tells that she will do the dressing of the wound. She bandages his wound and asks him to rest so that she will give him saline. Malhar is drowsy and asks Kalyani if placement officers are coming tomorrow and tell that he has no objection if she works to support her family, but don’t want her to lose her studies. She tells that tomorrow is something else too. Malhar says tomorrow is our anniversary and sleeps. Kalyani says he shall become somewhat expressive and gets Anupriya’s call. She tells her about Malhar. Pawar brings Malhar’s clothes. Kalyani tells that she will go home and come. She tells Malhar that she knows that he will pretend not to remember that today is their anniversary.


At home, Anupriya is holding Moksh. Kalyani comes there and asks Moksh to laugh and show everyone how he laughs. She says Billu got 4 teeth. She tells that just like I miss my Aai, you miss me. She asks Anupriya if kaka reached Delhi. Anupriya says yes, he reached Delhi. He went for Government work. She thinks Sarthak didn’t message her and went intentionally as if was difficult for him to eye contact with her. It is better for them to live separately for a few days.

The house is decorated with Balloons for Moksh’s birthday. Swara brings the cake and shows it to Kalyani. Kalyani tells that it is really good. Swara thanks her and Malhar for bringing out Shyam’s truth. Kalyani says Malhar ji will catch Aahir and will punish him. She tells that they shall cut the cake, made by her Aatya. Anupriya tells Kalyani that Rachit has sent a money bag which is in your room and has 2 crores in it. Kalyani says ok, tells that she will call him and return his money. Madhav says if Malhar would have been here then it would be fun. Kalyani says he is in hospital and resting, the family completes with him. She asks Moksh to cut the cake. Everyone claps singing happy birthday song. Kalyani cuts the birthday cake holding Moksh’s hand. Asawari goes from there. Kalyani wishes Atharv should have been here. Swara thinks she will bring Atharv back, once Asawari is exposed.

The doctors at the mental asylum try to make him have medicine, but Atharv refuses. The other mentally unstable man comes there and is taken away by the hospital staff. Atharv asks them to call his Aai and Baba.

Malhar gains consciousness and asks Pawar about Aahir. Pawar tells Malhar that his Aai (Asawari) went out of the room secretly. Malhar says surely she must have gone to meet Aahir and asks him to make him wear the shirt. He wears a shirt with Pawar’s help and keeps the revolver. Asawari comes to meet Aahir at a certain place. Malhar’s officer calls him and tells about Asawari there. Asawari meets a Saint there and sees Malhar and Pawar there. Malhar asks Aai…you are here. She tells that she came to ask this baba about Aahir’s address, maybe he can tell and asks what are you doing here? Malhar says I thought…Asawari says you thought that I came to meet him and tells him that family comes first for her. Malhar says I will drop you home. Asawari thinks she came here to distract him so that Malhar comes following her here and there Aahir goes home and steals the money which Kalyani’s friend had given her.

Aahir comes to Malhar and Kalyani’s room and checks the money bag. He says 2 crores Rs. Kalyani comes there talking to Moksh wrapped in a cloth and keeps him on the bed. She leaves. Aahir steals the bag and is leaving when he gets an idea. He stops and tells that he faced a lot of troubles because of him and tells him that he can’t let Malhar and Kalyani win. He takes the pillow to suffocate him, but instead of Moksh, there is a doll. Aahir is shocked. Kalyani and Madhav come there just then and look at him.

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