My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 11th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 11th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Tuesday 11 April 2022, The Episode starts with Asawari telling the groom’s family that they like the groom and if they like Swara then they accept the alliance. Kalyani asks Madhav why he is touching his face again and again. Asawari says he has tooth pain. The groom’s father tells that they like Swara. Asawari tells them that although Madhav is unwell, he needs to do Riyaaz. She takes him inside. Kalyani comes out hearing Malhar’s jeep sound. She tells him that alliance came for Swara and asks him not to get upset. She says this alliance might be good for him. He thinks of finding his specs and comes inside calling him. Asawari tells that he is doing Riyaaz/playing music. Just then they hear music playing. Malhar goes to room and finds Madhav sitting quietly and music sound is coming. Kalyani asks about the sound. Malhar looks at Madhav and makes him get up. He then holds his neck and pulls off the facial mask. They are shocked to see Aahir wearing Madhav’s mask. Kalyani says Aahir. Malhar takes off the tape recorder from Aahir’s pocket and switches it off. He says I am ACP, you can fool everyone, but not me. He says when I got baba’s specs, I was doubtful. He says I got the news of you being in Aurangabad. He asks Aahir, where is baba? Asawari asks Malhar to leave Aahir. Aahir smirks. Asawari asks Aahir to tell where is baba? Aahir signs at the cupboard. Kalyani opens the cupboard and finds Madhav inside it and unconscious. Malhar is shocked. Kalyani shouts and calls Malhar. Malhar leaves Aahir to come to Madhav. Rachit and Anupriya come there. Malhar checks Madhav and calls for Doctor. He calls the constables and asks them to take Aahir to Police station. Kalyani tells Malhar that madhav is still unconscious. Atharv comes out with Moksh and hits Aahir for putting Moksh in the pot. Kalyani asks him to go inside. Malhar thinks if Aahir is with Naxalites and thinks to find out. Anupriya comes and tells that Madhav got consciousness.

Asawari tells Malhar and others that she will break all relations with Aahir and that she doesn’t know that he will do this. Pallavi asks het to stop her acting and says I know everything. She says both of you are together. She says I saw Aahir touching your feet in Madhav’s disguise. Malhar asks what are you saying? Anupriya asks Pallavi to be quiet and takes her with her. Swara brings something there. Madhav asks about Uday. Kalyani says Uday and his family liked Swara very much. Rachit tells that they shall not know about Aahir and tells that they asked for engagement. Malhar says we can talk about this later. Just then he gets a call from Pawar and goes to Police station. He sees Aahir beaten up by Pawar. Pawar tells that they are feeling bad to beat him as he is Malhar sir’s brother and asks him to tell who is involved with him. Malhar comes inside the lock up and takes the rod in his hand and beats him for trying to harm Moksh and Madhav. He asks what do you think that you will be saved? He hits Aahir repeatedly. He asked, who gave him shelter when he went there and asks if they were Naxals. Aahir says this torture is warm up for me. Malhar asks Pawar to stand back and tells that the sad part is that he is his brother and the human inside is dead. He beats him further. Pawar takes Malhar out. Malhar tells Pawar that he has a plan and asks Pawar to say yes. He asks Pawar not to give food to him. He then asks Pawar about a criminal and says he was rescued by the lawyer, as he is allowed to make a phone call. He says I will come in the morning. He tells whispers to Pawar that Aahir will try to contact the naxals and they have to tap the phone. He says they have to be alert as the naxals will try to attack Kalyani. He goes.

Kalyani is with Atharv and makes him dance. She asks him not to make faces. Atharv says it is my cuteness. Rachit comes there and says he will teach dance to Atharv. He tells that kalyani and him are the best dancing couple in college. They dance. Atharv goes inside to bring the camera. Kalyani tells Rachit that they was the best day of her life. She says then next day was worse and slaps him asking why he went without telling him. Rachit says he went as mom got heart attack. Malhar hears them and gets upset. Rachit tells that if he had not gone then he would have confessed his feelings to her. Kalyani asks what and asks him to tell. Rachit says I started liking you, more than a friend. Kalyani is shocked. Rachit asks her to relax and says he is the same. He says if I had told you this during school time then our life would have been different. Malhar is upset and sad. Rachit says leave it, and starts dancing with Kalyani again. He says now girls come and go from his life. Malhar goes. Kalyani says it is good that you didn’t propose me, else your heart would have broken. Rachit says I wouldn’t have proposed you. Kalyani says I think that I would be happy in Pune, but my life took a turned and Malhar and Billu came in my life. She says Anupriya didn’t let her miss Madhuri, says this is the best thing happened to her. Malhar looks at Kalyani and his pic and gets sad.

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