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My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 9th May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 9th May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 9 May 2022 Zee World Updates The Episode starts with Malhar telling Kalyani that he is feeling in his heart as she got slapped by the judge. Kalyani gets touched with his words. Malhar brings water bottle and asks her to keep it on her face. He himself keeps the water bottle on her face and tells that they don’t have any other way than to agree to Judge’s sayings. Kalyani says I trust you, you will be there with Aai. Malhar asks her not to worry. Just then they see Police bringing Anupriya in the jeep. Kalyani asks her not to worry and tells that Malhar has planned to make Aahir give statement against Rachit, then everything will be fine. Anupriya asks really? Malhar says I will tell you. He takes Anupriya inside and drops gift on the ground. Kalyani prays to God to help her.

The court hearing begins, Sarthak asks Judge to consider the case special. He tells that Anupriya shot Rachit to save Swara from acid attack. He says Rachit was a terrorist and so his death was in favor of the nation and Swara. Malhar tells judge that Jailer will be bringing Aahir. Jailer comes there and shows medical report of Aahir, says he is unwell. Kalyani hears them from the window and goes out, she throws the gift in the car and cries. Swara and Atharv come there. Kalyani tells that Aahir refused to give statement against Rachit and didn’t come. Swara runs inside the court room. Atharv gives Rachit’s phone to Kalyani and says this is his secret. Swara runs to the judge and tells that Aahir is lying. Malhar tells that she will bring Aahir in an hour. Kalyani calls the last dialed number and asks Atharv to ask the person on call, who is on line? Atharv talks in Rachit’s voice and asks who is he? The lady on call tells that she is Malti and says she is doing a big work for him. Kalyani asks what work, what Rachit is asking her to do. Malti ends the call. Kalyani searches the messages and see Rachit’s message asking her to come to hospital. She says we shall go there. Atharv sees the gift on the ground and picks it. Malhar leaves to bring Aahir.

Kalyani and Atharv come to the hospital. They see Sampada there. Kalyani thinks she was in the police custody in the house. Sampada tells the receptionist that she has an important with the doctor for surrogacy and fills the form. Kalyani thinks for what she is signing? Swara tells the judge that Maai shot Rachit to save her. Rachit’s lawyer comes there and says this is lie. He says he is appointed by his company and tells that he was murdered by Anupriya and his murder was planned by Anupriya and kalyani together to get the property. He says Kalyani had seen Rachit’s property and married him and then acted. Sarthak tells that Kalyani and Rachit was not married. He says if they were not married then how did this property angle come? He asks if he has any proofs to prove his statement. Rachi’s lawyer asks what is your proof that she is saying truth, he says neither ACP nor Aahir came here. Kalyani comes to the receptionist and asks what form the lady gave her. The receptionist tells that the info is confidential. Kalyani says she is Sub Inspector Kalyani Rane. She asks Atharv to be her junior and tells that she came to know that they do kidney business here. She says I will call media here. The receptionist says that they don’t do kidney selling business here and says she will give Sampada’s call. Malhar comes to the jail and asks him to let him meet Aahir. Jailer says I can’t let you meet him as he is unwell. Malhar grabs his collar and asks if he is with naxals.

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