My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 7th April 2022

On My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 7th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 7 April 2022, The Episode starts with Rachit telling Kalyani that she has become so intelligent. Kalyani calls his name and hugs him. He says he really missed her. Kalyani says you didn’t miss me, and asks why he didn’t message her. She asks if ‘R Enterprises’ is your company and says I would have guessed seeing this unique task. Rachit says I am shocked, your marketing skills are good. He says GOAT. Kalyani laughs. Malhar comes inside. Anupriya asks about it. Malhar says Kalyani had said that it is great of all times too. Kalyani asks Malhar and Anupriya to come forward and tells that Rachit was senior in her school and got missing since 11. Malhar thanks him for helping them for Moksh. Rachit says it is ok and tells that he has a surprise for her. He tells everyone that he will announce the selected employee and takes Kalyani to stage. He says Kalyani Deshmukh. He then looks at Malhar and says Kalyani Deshmukh Rane. Everyone claps. He shows the detergent powder with Kalyani’s name and says his brand is having her name since 3 years. He says you used to beat a lot of guys in school.

Kalyani laughs. She apologizes and tells that she couldn’t do this job as she wants to pursue higher studies. Rachit asks Malhar to make her understand and says I will give job to both her and aunty. He says he will give her off before the exams and you will get paid leave. He says she will rock this. Kalyani asks Rachit to leave it. Rachit says ok, Aunty will work, and asks Kalyani to make video for his clients. Malhar nods his head. Kalyani says ok. She goes to stage and does advertisement of the detergent powder, while Rachit records the video. Rachit appreciates Kalyani. Kalyani looks at Malhar. Malhar comes to stage and says I know what are you thinking? He says I think you shall do this job. Kalyani asks really and thanks him.

Later Kalyani tells Malhar and Anupriya that she can’t believe that Rachit named his detergent powder on my name and tells that she had not beaten the guys much in school. She asks Anupriya to message Sarthak that she got a job. Kalyani comes to Malhar and asks him to keep the driver for some days until his hand gets fine. Malhar says let me check the jeep. Kalyani asks if he is angry with her. Malhar asks why? He says I know that you wanted to do the job, but was refusing because of me. he says he is proud of her as she gives sacrifices for home. He says I don’t want to do job as you will get diverted from your studies. He says it is upto you to manage both and says he wants to see her becoming big. Kalyani thanks him and is about to hug him, but stops. Malhar looks at her and asks whenever she sees stain on his shirt, if she gets angry. Kalyani says she gets angry on the shirt and washes it. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani asks her if she ever said that she wants to beat Malhar. Malhar warns her politely. Pallavi brings Atharv to college and tells that he was insisting to come to you. She takes Anupriya with her.

Kalyani asks Malhar to start the jeep and tells that Moksh needs to have food now. She asks Atharv if he had anything. Atharv says no. Rachit comes and offers to drop them. Malhar asks Kalyani to go with Rachit and says he will get the car repaired and will come. Kalyani tells atharv that baba will make him eat something. Rachit and Kalyani leave in the car. Atharv tells Malhar that banana is in the smoke cabinet. Malhar thinks who can do this. He sees Aahir as the driver and runs behind the car. Kalyani asks Aahir what are you doing here? She asks him to stop the car. Rachit asks if he is Malhar’s brother. Kalyani says no and holds him asking him to stop the car, but Aahir refuses. Malhar is running behind the car. Rachit tells kalyani that she won’t be saved from him. Kalyani says it is very difficult for you to get saved from me. Malhar continues to run behind the car. He continues to run from the other side. Rachit asks Kalyani to jump from other side and says he is opening the door. Kalyani says I will not leave Aahir, my son was in danger because of him. Rachit opens the door and asks Kalyani to jump, but she refuses. Malhar looks at car and jumps down. He pushes the cotton mattress cart and asks Kalyani to jump on it.

Kalyani and Rachit jump on it. Aahir hits Malhar and runs away. Atharv comes there running. Kalyani runs to Malhar and asks if he is fine. Malhar says Aahir escaped again. Rachit asks Kalyani and moksh to shift to some safe place and says he will arrange place for her. Kalyani says for her safest place is the one where Malhar is there, and says he won’t let anything happen to her. Malhar gets touched and emotional and holds her hand. He keeps his hand on her face..Song plays …main tera hojawunga.

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