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My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 6th June 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 6th June 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 6 June 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Kalyani captived by the ladies, who ties her and pours milk on her head. They tell that Devi is upset with them, and three girls are missing as Kalyani is pregnant without marriage. They asks Pandit ji if he is ready and tells that they will do her shuddikaran. They tell that they will get her married to a kinnar. Kalyani is shocked. Atharv is sitting in a car and asks someone to provoke villagers and make Kalyani marry a kinnar. Aao Saheb comes near the car and knocks on it. Atharv comes out from the car and signs her to sit. Aao Saheb sits inside the car. Atharv tells Aao Saheb that the baby in Kalyani’s womb will be buried soon. Aao Saheb slaps him and says how dare you to do bad with Kalyani. She says I just wanted to destroy Malhar and tells that she knows everything. She recalls Anupriya telling her about villager ladies taking her. Atharv says you have enmity with Malhar, but I have enmity with both Kalyani and Malhar, my Aai and baba. Aao Saheb says if Kalyani gets even a scratch then? Atharv asks what you can do.

Aao Saheb says she told Malhar where Mastani bai is hiding. Atharv gets angry and tells Aao Saheb that Kalyani is getting married to a kinnar now. Aao Saheb is shocked. The angry villagers apply tilak on Kalyani’s forehead. They tell that they will make her dressed like a bride to get her married to kinnar. Kalyani pushes them and runs, asking her baby not to worry. She says we will reach Malhar ji and will tell him everything. She sits in an auto rickshaw and asks him to give his phone. He tells that he has forgotten his phone at home and asks where to take her. Kalyani says police station. She sees the mob running behind the auto. Malhar reaches the place near the car and beats the goons there. He takes off the cover from the car and finds Aao Saheb there. Kalyani asks the auto driver why is he taking her to the wrong way. She sees auto driver having the phone and asks him to stop the rickshaw.

Malhar frees Aao Saheb’s hands and asks her where is Mastani Bai? Aao Saheb tells that Mastani Bai is actually Atharv. Kalyani tries to stop the auto and holds his neck. Aao Saheb tells Malhar that Atharv was fooling them by acting as Mastani Bai. She tells him something which is muted. Malhar is shocked. Aao Saheb says Atharv is getting Kalyani married to a kinnar to ruin her life. She thinks she can’t tell Malhar that she was with Atharv and wanted to kill Kalyani’s baby. She thinks she told half truth to Malhar so that he saves Kalyani.

The auto driver stops the auto. The ladies hold Kalyani again. Kalyani tells her that she is carrying a baby and asks why don’t they understand. The ladies ask her to see Mastani Bai, says you will get married to this kinnar. Kalyani is shocked and asks how can you do this with me. She picks a stone and is about to hit Mastani Bai. The ladies hold her. Kalyani says you don’t know my husband and tells that he will not leave you all. The ladies ask her if she didn’t think of Malhar when she was with some other guy. Kalyani tells them that this baby is of her husband Malhar ji, she lied to him as she was helpless. She tells that she was about to tell Malhar soon. They don’t believe her and takes her for shuddikaran. Atharv thinks people have believed on your lie so much that they don’t want to believe your truth.

Malhar asks Mastani Bai/ Atharv’s goons to tell where is Kalyani? He says he will take them to Police station, says if I don’t get Kalyani then you will be in jail all life. A man comes there and asks Malhar to leave his men. He says three girls are missing as Kalyani has done a sin of having someone else child. He says Devimaa’s anger will calm down when Kalyani is married to kinnar Mastani Bai. Malhar tells him that he will beat him so much that his children will be bald. He says if the girls were missing then you would have filed police complaint. He says if I don’t get Kalyani then I will jail you for forever. Rao comes there and tells that he heard that Mastani Bai is hiding something.

The ladies put gangajal and cow urine on Kalyani’s head and say she is ready for marriage now. Kalyani asks if you have gone mad and tells that this baby is of Malhar, I have no relation with anyone else. She asks Mastani bai and asks how can you do this. They jerk Kalyani. Kalyani says my baby. Mastani Bai says mahurat is going on and comes near Kalyani holding the fire. He lights the fire. Kalyani cries and asks Mastani Bai to save her. Malhar reaches the place and couldn’t find nobody there. He knocks on the wall and tells Rao that this wall is made recently, there is something here surely. He tries to break the wall. Kalyani cries and says I don’t want to marry. Mastani Bai dances while his men play the dhol. Kalyani cries and looks shocked.

Malhar breaks the wall and finds the kidnapped girls inside. The villager men look shocked seeing them. Malhar goes inside with Rao and unties the girls’ hands and mouth. Malhar asks Rao if these girls were missing from village. Rao says yes. The villager man looks shocked seeing them captive.

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