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My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 2nd May 2022 Zee World Updates

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On My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 2nd May 2022 Zee World Updates: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 2 May 2022 Zee World Updates, The Episode starts with Malhar asking Kalyani about her reply. Kalyani says answer is obviously….Atharv comes there and takes Malhar with him. Sampada is outside and tells that she won’t let Atharv ruin her life. She tries to enter the house. Sarthak lights the match stick and ties to light the candle, but it sets off due to the wind. He tries again and again. Anupriya comes there and holds the candle when he lights the candle. She gets her finger burnt looking at him. Sarthak gets worried and holds her hand. Anupriya takes her hand back and says she will make coffee for him. Sarthak says no need, I have so much work that I am not getting sleep. She says I know that you have the habit of drinking coffee when you work in night. He says drinking coffee at night is a bad habit and it is a big thing for me that you notice these small things. Anupriya sees someone going, but don’t see Sampada.

Malhar looks at Kalyani and their pics in his mobile and smiles. He senses someone is outside and goes out leaving Atharv alone in the room. He pulls her hand and she is Kalyani. He asks why you are wearing baba’s specs. Kalyani says you have said that I will look joker so I worn it to check how I will look. She tells that she is beautiful and pretty and says you didn’t see me carefully. She asks him to come out and asks anyone how she is? Malhar holds her and asks her to listen. He says you are the world’s most beautiful girl for me, if you wear specs or don’t wear. Kalyani smiles. Main tenu samjhawa ji plays……Malhar takes off the specs and smiles. He comes near her, when the electricity comes back. He asks do you want to say something. Kalyani says black coffee. He says he will bring. She says I will bring and comes to the kitchen smiling. Anupriya is already making coffee for Sarthak and asks Kalyani why she is smiling? Kalyani says nothing. She says Malhar ji said that his Kalyani is the most prettiest in the world. Aao Saheb comes there. Anupriya and Aao Saheb laughs. Aao Saheb says our kids are liking each other after 1 year of marriage. She says your Appa took 3 years to tell me that he likes me. She asks what else your Malhar ji said. Kalyani gets shy and goes out of kitchen. She senses someone is outside and peeps outside, but couldn’t see Sampada who is outside. She thinks I didn’t make coffee for Malhar ji. Sampada comes to the window of Atharv’s room and takes out spray.

Kalyani brings coffee for Malhar and tells that very soon, they will have one more family member. She tells that for that they have to search Sampada and convince her for IVF then they will stay as a happy family, you, me, Moksh, Atharv and the new baby. She says if Sampada don’t agree. Malhar says I have to convince her somehow. He says the baby will be born through IVF only. I won’t let her come near me. Sampada releases the spray in the room and says now I will know if you have really got your memory or acting. She says you will feel short of breath, then truth will come out. Atharv wakes up and coughs. Kalyani and Malhar hear him coughing and come to his room. Atharv calls her Aai. He sees her reflection and tells that Aai shapath…Malhar signs them and goes out. Kalyani tells Atharv that tomorrow is a press conference and asks him to tell everyone that Sampada was your partner in crime. She says I am sure that she provoked you to do wrong work. She takes him out. Sampada thinks Atharv got his memory back and thinks she has to stop him. Malhar is coming out and thinks Sampada is responsible for Atharv’s condition. Rachit comes to Sampada and takes her to side. He tells her that it is not too late and asks her to handle Atharv, when Swara’s life is ruining tomorrow. Swara gets a message and gets shocked thinking how can this happen? Malhar comes to the place, but Rachit and Sampada are already gone.

Atharv tells Kalyani that he is looking good in these night clothes. Kalyani says well done and feels proud of his acting. Malhar tells that whatever happens is good and tells that it is good that Sampada heard about Press conference conversation. Kalyani says they have to be careful and protect Atharv. Madhav explains to Kalyani about the puja of Devi Saraswati, who is the Goddess of the knowledge. He asks her to keep her books infront of Goddess. Malhar says anything can happen and you can get fail in any subject. Kalyani looks at Malhar. Swara thinks she has to leave for temple and silently goes.

Malhar and Kalyani come to the auto outside the house. Kalyani asks Atharv to go with Aai and tells that she will bring pizza and icecream for him when he returns. Atharv is hiding in the jute bag. Kalyani feels bad for Atharv. Malhar asks Anupriya to take Atharv to temple and says they have to make arrangement of the fake press conference. He says Sampada will surely come here, may be Rachit comes with her and get caught. Anupriya leaves in the auto with Atharv.

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