My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 27th April 2022

On : My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 27th April 2022: My Heart Knows Updates Thursday 27 April 2022, The Episode starts with Kalyani coming to the naxal and asks what happened? She sees his punctured car and tells that when happy singh is here, then there is no fear. She says he is very funny and will change the tyre. She asks him to have tea till then. She checks video in which it is written how to change the tyre in 5 mins. She changes the tyre. Naxal says you are really wonderful. Kalyani says he had worked as a mechanic, cook, plumber etc. Naxal asks him to take the money. She refuses to take the money and tells that she wants a job. Naxal says if someone pleads then one gives their kidney and you are refusing for job. Kalyani sees the Police and hides the naxal from their view. Naxal shows gun at her. Kalyani tells that he has saved him from Police and had seen gun with him before. She insists him to keep him on work. Naxal agrees and asks her to sit. Kalyani asks Durga Prasad to sit. He asks who is it? Kalyani says her tommy. In the naxals’ place, the naxal brings medicine and asks Sardaar ji to come. Kalyani comes inside, the naxals aim gun at her/him. Naxal says he can work for us. Durga Prasad senses Malhar and barks. Kalyani realizes it. Aahir comes there and asks from where the dog came from and who is this sardaar. He looks at Durga Prasad and then on Kalyani.

Malhar and Atharv are seated in the room. The naxal bring food for them. Malhar hears Durga Prasad and thinks Kalyani must be here. Aahir slaps the naxal for bringing sardaar there, says they need to hide their identity and stay in dark. Atharv tells Malhar that dog is barking. The naxal thinks from where did the dog came. Aahir asks Kalyani to say who is he/she? Durga Prasad comes to Malhar. The naxal tries to take it away. Durga Prasad bites Malhar’s pant cloth and takes it. Naxal takes him away. Atharv tells Malhar that this is Durga Prasad. Malhar says I asked kalyani not to risk her life. Atharv says Aai came. The naxal tells Aahir that the sardaar is running away from the Police. Aahir says what if he is police man. He hits Kalyani with a big rifle. Kalyani feels pain in her stomach badly. She gets up and says you hit me on an empty stomach. She tells that he had worked with the boxer also. Aahir beats Kalyani with the rifle badly. Kalyani feels pain, but says that he will feel that he is paying for working with him. She says nothing happened to me. Kalyani asks him to beat him and says if I go out then Police will catch me. She says it is better for me to stay here and have some rotis. Durga Prasad brings Malhar’s pant cloth to Kalyani. Kalyani thinks Durga Prasad searched Malhar ji.

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